Letter to my best friend

I swear I tried.

I tried to be strong so that you wouldn’t see my wounds. I tried to give you the impression I was happy so that you wouldn’t worry too much about me. But I can’t do that anymore.

I am broken.

I have been defeated by my fears and now I can no longer act like I am fine. I can no longer smile despite feeling blue. I can no longer pretend to be someone I am not.

I’m sorry; it’s not your fault.

Pseudònim: Lyra



A long, long time ago there was a volcano living all alone in the middle of the sea. He sat high above his bed watching all the couples play and wishing that he had someone, too. And from his lava came a song of hope that he sang out loud every day for years and years

Years of singing all alone turned his lava into stone until he was on the brink of extinction but little did he know that living in the sea below another volcano was listening to his song. Every day she heard his tune her lava grew and grew because she believed his song was meant for her.

The volcano grew and finally met him and now if you see two volcanoes, those two volcanoes are together until the end of the world.

Pseudonym: Antonio Naranjado



James Ulrich used to be an employee in a textile factory in Newcastle. Despite his mediocre life, he started to have luck on his side when, suddenly, he became a millionnaire. He had won the lottery and he just couldn’t believe it.

Apart from his nearest relatives, he didn’t tell anyone about the enormous fortune he had amassed. Without thinking and not appreciating the consequences, he began to spend his great amount of money on cars, houses, whims… Meanwhile, everything was perfect for him but, a few years later, the problems began to appear, and he wasn’t able to stop them. His debts grew and all his money and false friends that had come with it disappeared. Consequently, he was forced to come back to the old factory and work there for the rest of his life.

Pseudònim: Jason Hammett



John climbs the stairs of the court calmly. This upward walking is the opposite of what his life has been in the last decade. Now, he appears not to have the strength to move his legs or open the heavy door that gives access to a complex machine driven by officials who work absorbed by the diversity of issues to confront. His presence is unnoticed. An invisibility impossible to foresee a few years ago. Although wearing old clothes, his way of moving is a pride that doesn’t want to lose. But it doesn’t become arrogant. He doesn’t want to sacrifice what had been. The dignity shouldn’t be missed even if life has given you a change. An identity doesn’t allow waivers. He lets out a girl but doesn’t receive a polite reply for this deference. Silence gives him two lessons. The law won’t remember his splendorous past. And John will irremediably become a statistic data that will add in a judicial yearbook.

Pseudònim: La casa del copy


The Scarlet Revenge

There I was, Mark Johan, in front of the Emperor Rayven. My enemy. The same person who destroyed my village, killed all my friends and he also kidnapped my family. It was time to take revenge for all the suffering he had put me through. I gripped very strong my sword which had been forged by my great friend Anthony and without thinking for a second, I attacked the Emperor with all my wrath. Fighting alongside my anger was a great error because it made me fail a lot until I stopped and meditated. After this small break, the real fight started. The emperor didn´t expect that change of rhythm, so it gave me the victory. When people started to know about the death of the Emperor Rayven, they felt glad because they knew that finally they were free. I, Mark Johan, spent the rest of my life living with my family.

Pseudònim: Latbor


A new friend for Tom

Tom, a eleven years old boy, went on vacation with his parents to their house in Queralbs. When they arrived there, the first day, they met a little dog that was walking around the house.  It seemed to be abandoned because it wasn’t wearing any collar. Every day, Tom gave it some food and water and they played together. They became close friends. Tom asked his parents to adopt it but they refused. One afternoon, Tom went for a little excursion with his new friend, the dog. Suddenly, Tom fell down to the ground and hurt his leg. He couldn’t stand up. The dog began to run and let Tom alone.  It went to warn Tom’s parents. When the dog arrived to their house began to bark very loudly. Tom’s parents noticed that something happened and decided to follow the dog and found Tom. All the family was very grateful with the dog. A few days after, the family finished their vacation and returned home.  A new member was going with them.

Pseudònim: Maris


The sub-Saharan boy

The water was cold, very cold. It was the only thing I could see, apart from the flames. It was as black as coal, and it was all around me. Only a few hours had gone by since the boat had wrecked, and my fingers were already starting to get numb. If it hadn’t been for the lifejacket, I wouldn’t have survived.

It had all started because of the war in my village, in Africa. There I went to school every day, and I also helped my father to look after the sheep. But when the war started, my home was burnt down. That was the reason my family and I had left the conflict zone. The boat on which we were travelling had sunk, and I had been lucky to escape.

I woke up in a dimly lighted room, and noticed I was laying on a bed. And suddenly, I heard a voice calling my name. I turned around and there, next to me, stood my mother.

Pseudonym: Rovia


What changed my life

Hello my name is Fred Richma I was born the 10th of May in 1936 (now I´m 80 years old), I live in the nord of England in 27 British street, I live with my son who is 40 years old. My wife died in 1926 when she was 70. I´m a retired since 1871, yes yes yes… I know my live is boring but one day all changed I saw a paper on the floor with letters in Chinese like these: “我們尋求老年人老鄉”=translation= We search older people as apprentice, I was bored and I decided to start working again so I went there and later I waited around five minutes then a guy appeared and called me. They asked me questions like where I studied and more things, then they told me to wait in the other room and a few minutes later they told me that I was in! So I started to work in the restaurant and in the secretary. So this is a way to show all who are reading this that  being old doesn’t mean being useless.

Pseudònim: Astronaut 2003


The Ant and the Fly

Once upon a time there was a very hard-worker ant. She always made the same things, with the same people, in the same place… One morning she decided to escape, because she wanted to know other people. The insect spent a few days walking until she bump at into  a very precious butterfly. The butterfly didn’t even look at her. She continued his trip during two hours, but she met with a very stong bee. He only talked about her muscles and why he was so strong. The ant was very worried because she thougt that she would never learn anything about other insects, and she returned home. While she was returning she saw a fly. They talked about their lives. That day the ant learned lots of things, but above everything: the most important things of a person, aren’t possible to be seen with your eyes.

Pseudonym: Carlos Garcia


Modern Saint George

Once upon a time in a tiny village near Barcelona named Sant Cugat the daughter of the president called Susan, disappear. Everybody was scared because they thought that Susan was kidnap or dead, so the president gets on to the detective 023, named George. He explains to George what did her daughter the day of the disappearance and George started looking for some clues. After some days he found that there was a terrorist band called green dragon which each member have a tattoo of a dragon in the left arm and that kidnap president’s daughters to ask for a lot of money in Cerdenyola, Terrasa, Sabadell… George found the cave of the green dragons. After some fight he finally rescue Susan and capture all the members of the green dragon. This is the story  of modern Saint George.

Pseudònim: Borjabc