Quants cops t’has aturat en aquest camí de roses i esbarzers?

En el silenci de l’avui que fa més mal que el d’ahir.

Quants cops has navegat amb la barca foradada i no t’has enfonsat perquè la teva voluntat era més gran que un simple raig d’aigua?

Dóna’t la mà i seu en el firmament que et fa més fort.

Les paraules esperen la teva parada.



I tried, I really tried, but you can’t see it. You can’t see what I was doing, you didn’t see what was happening.

I tried, I really tried to talk, to solve the problem, to be okay, but you don’t see it, you can’t see the problem I want to talk about.

So I can’t, I really can’t do anything else. But I tried, and I keep going after you.

But you don’t see it, so 9 months later I stop and you don’t know how much it hurts. Because I saw you, doing the things you don’t do with me, doing it with others, but… Why not with me? 



One day, Sunday was helping out in her parents store and, suddenly, an unexpected boy walked in. At that moment, she didn’t know how to act in front of him, but at least she knew his name, Jin, and also discovered that he is in the same school. The next day, remembered that she had to go on a trip with her family but she had an idea, her friend Rose should be a spy when she started classes, so she accepted the plan. Rose had a good idea to collect more information about Jin, to be her friend with Jack, the best friend of Jin. As they became close friends, they realized they liked each other. But, when Sunday came back, she was confused. She told her that this was the boy she fell in love with. When he went to the store where she was, his best friend lent him his school uniform, that’s the reason why the two girls had fallen in love without knowing that they were in love with the same boy.



It was a rainy day. I was at home, bored, with nothing to do. At that moment, my dad told me to go to the supermarket. I said that it was raining. He didn’t care. I left the house. I went to the supermarket. In the street there were too many people on a rainy day. I entered the supermarket. I bought all the things that my dad told me to buy. I went home. When I arrived, I saw a group of people at the entrance of my house. At that moment I realized: all those people were my friends and my family and that rainy day was my birthday. I had completely forgotten!



In a small village, there lived a young man named Juan. He was very brave and loved by everyone in his village. One day, a huge snake began attacking the village. The snake had been causing destruction for a long time and damaging homes.

Juan decided to face the problem. He put on his armor and mounted his horse to face the snake. Although the villagers were worried about his safety, they knew that Juan was their only hope. When Juan found the snake, it was spitting venom and its skin shone under the sun. Juan charged at the snake with his sword. The fight was intense. He dodged the snake’s venom and struck it with his sword. After a long and exhausting battle, Juan finally beaten the snake.

The villagers were happy. They thanked Juan for his bravery and considered him a hero. From that day, Juan became a legend.


La cacofonía del incesante repicar de los cientos de cinceles contra la piedra marcaba los minutos de ese día tan horriblemente húmedo, cada golpe seco retumbando en mi pecho, las vibraciones recorriéndome las venas de arriba a abajo. Un molesto sudor me goteaba por la frente, y aunque intentase secarlo con el dorso de la mano, éste volvía incluso más insistente que antes. El denso polvo se me metía en los pulmones a traición, sus ásperas manos cada vez más cerradas alrededor de mi cuello, ahogándome, casi como si quisiera transformarme en una gárgola viviente.

El grotesco rostro de piedra que iba tomando forma en la losa frente a mí me sonrió. Un grito se me ahogó en la garganta incluso antes de ser proferido. Intenté agarrarme a algo, pero la criatura infernal ya me había empujado. Todo pasó demasiado rápido. Estaba en caída libre.



Once upon a time, a boy called Jacob, was a hero for everybody.

But first, we remount to 30 days before…

Jacob, was a boy who is bullied. The guy who bully him every day is called “the puncher”. But one day, Jacob fell in love with a girl called Olivia, and she doesn’t like to see how the puncher annoys Jacob, so one day, she said to Jacob: “you have to defend yourself”, and the next day, Jacob combat the puncher thinking in Olivia, and he won. Today, they are together and very happy.


“Why do we live?” I said desperately. You smiled and as always, you asked me that type of question that I always find stupid at the beginning. “Why do we die?” I didn’t know how to answer, and my silence told you everything. You looked at me and said “We live because we die, what’s the point of life without death?” You continued: “Nothing matters. The only thing you can do is love to give a meaning to death” Then, I looked at you, realizing that I wanted to spend the rest of my life loving you.




Se tumbó una tarde a la vera mía, la cabeza apoyada, los ojos fijos en mí, se estaba muriendo, aquel noble perro, tantos años a mi lado a su manera se estaba despidiendo, mis lágrimas pugnaban por salir, acariciaba su cabeza, parece que al mirarme me dijera, nunca me olvides, poco a poco sus ojos se fueron cerrando y quedó dormido para nunca despertar.

Me quedé un rato mirándole fijamente, allí estaba mi fiel amigo, dormido para siempre, lo enterré en cementerio de animales con una lápida de porcelana y unas letras impresas que decían, nunca te olvidaré. Cuanto y cuanto se puede querer a un perro que cuando se va una parte de ti se va con él.



I am going to tell you a beautiful story between two best friends that happened many years ago.

One day, a little boy went to the forest nearby where he lived, because he was very interested in seeing what was there. He found an animal that he had never seen before. It was a small dark green dragon! The strange animal had blood on one of its front legs. He decided not to tell anyone that he had seen this beautiful dragon, because they would kill it. The little boy saw that a beautiful red rose, with a tail full of sharp thorns came out of the blood. The boy took the rose and put a piece of his shirt in the dragon’s blood.

That was how a boy saved his new best friend.