The rebellion

This history happens in Madagascar in the medieval age, when the crown of Mart wanted more power and lands, so he created an army.

A few years later when the army group was derigged by Baritone the musician, He was very crazy and he created a rebellion against the crown of Mart. He tried to convince the soldiers of the army but nobody wanted to join him. Baritone was convinced that the crown of Mart will be destroyed by him. After the failure to recruit troops in the army of the crown he thought that he can convince someone in tavern to join him.

One day a soldier of the army of the crown of Mart called an audience with the king Ato. The soldier explained the situation to her king and her king was furious so he decided to exile Baritone and nobody knew where he went.

The horrible call

I only had the last hour of class of the day left, and it was biology, the most boring class of all. It was my class with Mrs. Amelie. I was anxiously waiting for the bell to ring so that I could leave this prison for children once and for all. Finally, the bell rang, and I ran out of the school.

I got home early to take advantage and study a bit for final exams, I had nothing else to do, so I closed the door of my room to concentrate. Before I realized it, my wall clock was showing two o’clock in the morning when my mother called me sweetly from the kitchen “Daughter, can you please come!” I went nonchalantly to the kitchen, although it seemed strange, and when I was there I found no one, instead, I heard the same voice of my mother from afar “Don’t go daughter, I heard it too!”

Hi Marta,
I’m writing to you because yesterday we returned from an amazing school trip in New York and I wanted to explain you how it went.
At first we thought that we were going to Italy, but then our parents gave us a surprise and told us that actually we were going to the USA.
The first thing we did when we arrived was to cycle to the hotel and then we went to have lunch in an incredible restaurant. We visited a lot of amazing places but the one I liked the most was the Empire State Building because I was super impressed by how big the building was.
I think that you should go there because it’s an amazing city and it has a lot of things to visit. I wasn’t able to visit all the thing I wanted to, but I hope that someday I will go again.


I used to read as a kid for the happy endings, which were that the beautiful meet the blue prince and they fell in love. But now, I read for the sad endings, because I’d rather focus to someone else sadness than my own. As I don’t understand mine, but understand theirs.


The legend of Sant Jordi

Legend has it that near the Vila de Montblanc there was a great dragon that had all the inhabitants of the town terrified. The inhabitants didn’t know how to prevent the dragon from approaching the wall and decided to give it food. First they gave him sheep, then cows and so on until the evil dragon ate all the animals in the village. But he was still hungry and was getting closer and closer to the wall.The people of Montblanc didn’t know how to stop it and finally decided that they would have to sacrifice one by one. They put everyone’s names in a pot, even those of the family king. Every day an innocent hand took out a paper and the one that came out was handed to the dragon to eat and the day came when it was the princess’s turn. The King asked the inhabitants to have mercy on the princess and not let her die.

The cicadas

During the summer the cicadas sang while the ants worked and collected food for the winter.

When winter came the cicadas said to the boss:

Why don’t we steal the food from the ants and distribute it to ourselves? 

The boss thought that was fine with it and the ants starved. The following summer no one worked saving food and during the winter the cicadas starved to death.

Sant Jordi upside down

A long time ago, there existed one village called Elysium where the dragons lived in peace. One day, one human that lived in the mountains came to the village and started to eat all of the animals. When there weren’t any more sheep, he started to eat the dragons. The dragons spoke to the human and agreed that he could eat one dragon every single day and live the others alone. All the dragons agreed that they would put their names in a box, and each day one dragon would pick a random name to sacrifice. After some time, the name that  was called out was Ronaldine’s, the dragon princess. No one wanted the princess to die, but she accepted her destiny and went to the mountains prepared to die. George, a warrior, refused to let the love of his life die in front of him, so he decided to follow her to the mountains and try to kill the human. Finally, George burned the human, and from he’s blood growed one red rose. George gave it to her and proposed to her.

A different Saint George

This story happens two years after Saint George killed the dragon, the 23rd of April two years after. On this day, everybody was celebrating with a great party the event that happened two years ago. But this didn’t last long, that’s why, at the moment a big earthquake terrified all the town, and then, behind a big mountain, the dragon arose. Nobody could understand it.The dragon was killed! But there wasn’t much fear in the environment, they thought it would be very easy to defeat the dragon again.But all this thoughts disappeared when the dragon drew fire and left Saint George very wounded. Everybody was scared, all the town thought that they were going to die, except one person, the princess. She was the only person who dared to fight against the dragon.She steeled himself, she grabbed the sword and she pounced on the dragon without any fear.He succeeded, he managed to stab him with the sword and he fell dead on the ground. This time the story changed, the princess saved town of the dragon and they made sure that they didn’t come back. Saint George was good and all the town were saved from the dragon forever.

That night:

It was late at night, I was walking my dog through a park, when suddenly I heard a noise. For a moment I stood there and scared, but then I realized that it was just my phone, someone was calling me. I took it out of my pocket and picked it up. It was my friend who called me to congratulate me. As it was a vacation and everyone was traveling that year, I couldn’t have a party. My friend was asking me how was the day I had been given as a gift, while I was returning home. When I hung up the phone I was already in front of the door, turn the key and go inside. Everything was dark and when I turned on the light I heard “Happy birthday Noa”. All my friends were there, celebrating my birthday.

What if…?

WHAT IF we could see thoughts? People would be more sincere but there would be more wars because politicians could see our real intentions.
WHAT IF covid didn’t exist? If covid didn’t exist, we wouldn’t have to wear masks every day, we could move freely around the world, but the world wouldn’t be united for a cause.
WHAT IF you could reach immortality? Immortality is not always good because if you don’t have a person to share these experiences with, immortality could be a curse.
And… WHAT IF I didn’t participate in this contest? If I didn’t participate, I
couldn’t win.