After an intense day of hours and hours of work, I disembark in a smelly place where many others like me find themselves in similar conditions.
It’s the underworld! – I tell myself – it smells terrible! While I think these words, little by little I surround myself with a substance that smells good, and the warm water begins to cover me, but…
Where is Jess? -I ask myself as I try to remember the last time I saw her. The same thing always happens, he gets distracted looking at anything. It’s not the first time she done this crazy thing, leaving me here alone, with a handful of strangers and my manic rules of cleanliness and care.
I can never count on her! Does she never think about the consequences? – I exclaimed angrily.
Hours, days, weeks pass and nothing.
I never hear from her anymore. I will never be used again.
I’ll be part of the lost socks group.


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