After an intense day of hours and hours of work, I disembark in a smelly place where many others like me find themselves in similar conditions.
It’s the underworld! – I tell myself – it smells terrible! While I think these words, little by little I surround myself with a substance that smells good, and the warm water begins to cover me, but…
Where is Jess? -I ask myself as I try to remember the last time I saw her. The same thing always happens, he gets distracted looking at anything. It’s not the first time she done this crazy thing, leaving me here alone, with a handful of strangers and my manic rules of cleanliness and care.
I can never count on her! Does she never think about the consequences? – I exclaimed angrily.
Hours, days, weeks pass and nothing.
I never hear from her anymore. I will never be used again.
I’ll be part of the lost socks group.


The Small “puff”

After many years of inimaginable labor, it was ready, the first ever time machine. Thought to be impossible but working. Well, at least to send apples some days forward.

The first manned trip was about to start. The strain was almost tangible.

The device was set to travel some years into the past. As soon as it set off, the engine began to go back in time out of control. Years, decades, centuries, passed before the eyes of the terrified crew, until nothing was left, just the ethereal void before time. The machine collapsed on itself. This small explosion, however, was not in vain.

The big bang would it be called, rather a small “puff”, I believe.


Protect The King!

The battle began very strategically, with each troop deciding how to attack and defend simultaneously. The queen approached on her horse, trotting, attempting to dethrone the enemy king. The opponent’s troops remained at their base, protecting their beloved king, while a small number of brave soldiers went on the offensive. The queen went to seek reinforcements to counterattack while contemplating a change in strategy. Time was running out rapidly, and every minute was crucial, but it was too late. Checkmate, and the game was over.



Why is the world changing? It is a question we all ask ourselves. Many people answer because of environmental issues, others because of politics… But really, who is right?
I think the only thing that is changing is us. Generations are changing, that’s why the world is changing. It’s hard to accept, we all find change difficult. But they are necessary, otherwise we would still be hunting and living like cavemen. That’s why we all have to change. You don’t have to change your life completely, just be more open-minded. If parents were more open-minded, there would probably be fewer arguments and the children would feel more understood.
In conclusion, we need to improve our understanding. Wake up! The earth is still spinning.


Your most precious memory

When I woke up I noticed the breeze of the wind that came through my window and the sunny days with smell of summer. The only thing that mattered to me was to go out and explore, to have a good times with my friends. I didn’t want to go home. I only wanted to enjoy the sunsets. After went to the town in August and getting together with my  friends and record kilometers with our bikes to look for new adventures. The normal days arrived home and played with my favorite superheroes and imagined battles and new worlds. But one day you woke up and you stop creating new stories and adventure. And the more I think the more I would have liked that it had lasted forever. 

Capitán Rogers


This is my story. When I was child I used to have a best friend and a friend that I knew since I was litle. The thing was that my best friend, has told her mum,that our friend was telling to him very offensive things about me, and he hadn’ t deffensed me in any case. It ‘s funny that the only people that I have trusted my heart, and they had treated me like that. When I was prepared, I confronted him and ask him why?
And he didn’ t say anything and went to that friend that say to him those things about me.I spent weeks acumulating anger. Friendship can make you so happy but at the same time it can hurt you so much.

Cazadora de vampiros

Our generation

In my opinion all our generation is very significant because we’re the only generation that has the power to change the world. Apart we’ve seen the COVID-19 pandemy and more series of events even worse, but all the other generations talk to us like. No! Only for being treated differently better           
than in the past is not our fault.
We’re trying to change and convince the world, we have to have hope and don’ t give up. And, I think, this text needs to be viral and needs people to support us.

Cazadora de vampiros

In a small village

In a village with sunset-hued houses, a mysterious mailbox received letters for the stars each full moon. Villagers grew curious and started to write wishes, and one night, a boy saw the letters become butterflies, carrying messages skyward. This magical event continued, but as the boy grew, the butterflies’ dance changed, enveloping the village in light. By morning, the village glowed, the mailbox now central, symbolizing hope and unity. The young man realized the mailbox’s true purpose, and as a new day dawned, the villagers united, hearts brimming with untold stories.


The end of t’he happiness of the princess

Last test the Princess was the persona who was chosen to be sacrified for the dragon ,but a Knight sabes her and today is the day off her wedding. When the Princess was walking to the front part of the hall,we listened a noise. When we went out we saw another dragon coming to the hall. We started feeling scared and when the dragon stopped infront of us we started screaming. After five minuts the dragon took the Princess and the Knight to the hotel’s rooftop and ate them. While all of us were crying and screaming, the dragon shouted:” That’s for haing killed t’he king of t’he dragon’s city”.