Like a selfie

Estirat al llit. Intubat. Respiració artificial. Les seves venes duien un cabdal de medicació entrellaçada amb la seva sang. La infermera va entrar amb un somriure mentre li acostava la pastilla del migdia. Ell se la prengué, com ja era habitual, amb el got d’aigua. De nou es quedà sol a l’habitació. Amb les poques forces que sentia agafà el mòbil. El posà enlaire ben a prop de la cara i amb certa distància. Amb aquest selfie, de ben segur, obtindria força likes entre els seus seguidors de Facebook. De seguida el penjà a la xarxa i tot seguit li vingué la son. Ja no es va tornar a despertar. Passats dos dies, en el Monestir de Sant Cugat, se celebrava el seu funeral. I el seu taüt reposava rodejat de la més absoluta solitud. Només el mòbil, encara encès, restava acompanyant el cos mort mentre les alertes seguien sonant: like, like, like, like, like…






The epic football match confronts the Fruit FC vs. the Pasta CF. The match will start in ten minutes, all the people are exciting, because the match is most epic ever in the history of football.

The match is about to start. The match stars! This is exciting.

The apple passes to the pear who passes to the orange. The orange starts to run from the side but the macaroni stops it and steals the ball. The macaroni passes to the ravioli that starts run very fast and then centers to the spaghetti who shoots but the goalkeeper saves the goal and sends the ball to the corner.  The macaroni centers and the spaghetti shoots, the goalkeeper catches the ball and passes to the strawberry who starts running, shoots. He scores a goal. The Fruit FC wins.

pseudonym: Mick



One day a family went up to the mountain to spend the day skiing. There were the two parents and their three kids. The oldest kid was Jimmy, he was 13 years old and he was accompanied by his two younger siblings Ben and Jack who were 7 and 8 years old. It was a lovely skiing day but the two brothers, Ben and Jack, were getting bored of going up and down very easy hills so they went to their older brother, Jimmy, and said “we are good enough to go down any hill, we aren’t afraid” so Jimmy thought of the hardest, most terrifying hill of the mountain and took his two brothers and challenged them to go down it. The two brothers, who claimed they were not afraid, went down and instantly fell and couldn’t get back up until they rolled all the way to the bottom. After the skiing incident the kids were so scared that they decided to go to the hills that they could handle.

Pseudònim: Jordan


Ten years cycling

Ten years cycling, through the city. From home to school, on the train to college and now to work … I’ve seen shops open and close, new parks, markets, schools, … new developments some which I like, others not so much. I have seen the baker close down for retirement, the girl at the grocer’s grow up. I have made friends, more than I could have imagined. I have been living here for ten years and for all the years to come. Friendship, love, heartbreak, the first kiss, all the moments you never forget…

Here at this moment I am ending my days, in a place full of metal, dirt and disorder. A sad place to die if you’re a bike, like me … My little owner Laia has grown up too, and has a boyfriend. I liked him until he gave her a beautiful, small, red, flashy Brompthon bicycle. But wait, the iron-monger has a daughter and she looks at me and looks at me again. When Laia leaves me to my destiny the little girl touches my handlebars while looking at her father, and he says: “All yours Ana, go for a ride”. My final days haven’t arrived yet!

Pseudonim: Isolde


The tree

There was once a father and a son, who lived in a modest cottage. The two were happy together, although the wife and mother had died years ago.

One day the son asked his father if he could build a tree house, and his father told him that he could built it at the almond tree near the house it was many years ago that he last give fruits and it would be cut. The child immediately went work, he spent so much time in the tree, he began to show affection and care for it, and he also cut the dry branches.

A few weeks later, the child was to improve the tree house, when suddenly he saw that the tree blossoming, and went to tell what happened to his father who was excited because the tree had been planted when they went to live with there wife.

Then the little boy understood the tree had flourished for the love and devotion he had given to it.

Pseudònim: DAONSA


James ‘perfect’ day

When James woke up that cold winter morning he knew it would be a good day. He dressed up and he went to have breakfast with his parents. While he went to  school he reviewed his maths exam. James knew it all because he had studied the day before. The exam went very well to him and he thought again that it was going to be a great day when the bully of the course went straight to him with his friends and hit him in the face. When he woke up he was in  hospital with a mask in his nose. His mother told him that they had broken his nose. Then he remembered what he had thought when he had woken up and started crying because a boy had ruined his perfect day.

Pseudònim: Juandome


My dreams

I’m lost in a forest, I don’t know the way home, but, between the trees there is a light, a little light, very similar to the sunlight and I decide to follow it.

I start walking, but the path doesn’t finish, and when it seems closer, the trees start moving. They close the way, I try to cross between them but it’s impossible. Now there is another path on my right, but with no light. I start walking, but I don’t see anything, after some minutes walking, I see a moving light in the middle of the dark, coming to me, and I start running away but the trees start moving and close the escape route. I look back and I see the light closer, and I hide in the trees. I hear a footstep and I stop breathing. I see two man feet. He is holding a blood stained axe. He grabs me by the hair and suddenly, my mother knocks at the door and I open my eyes.

Pseudonym: NPP14


The fake beggar

Once upon a time there was a wizard. This wizard dressed himself like a beggar to reward the people who helped him for charity with infinite good luck. Then, one day a citizen told a rich man called Trankos that the wizard rewarded the people who helped him. The next day, in the morning, Trankos rode a horse to the city to help the beggar and have infinite good luck. When he arrived in the city, searched the beggar and he gave him one thousand coins of silver. The wizard looked into his eyes and said “You don’t help me for charity, you only want good luck but I will curse you”. The wizard cursed Trankos and he became a poor man. He ran away into the forest. People say that Trankos learnt magic and started to help people. When the wizard saw Trankos was not selfish, he took the curse away and Trankos became the new fake beggar.

Pseudònim: Jatriex


The message

One day I was walking down the street, when suddenly something happened: from the sky, a stone with a paper tied on it hit me hard on my head. A message was written in the paper. It said: “Help I am lost in an island, and there are a lot of sharks. Please help me, I´ve been here for seventeen years”.

How a stone could have been thrown from the sky? Who or what had thrown it? When 10 minutes later, I arrived home wondering what was happened, I decided to examine the paper again. When I reviewed it, I saw two letters at the end of the message, J and C. I began to think, and I remembered a name: James Carter, the famous thief who disappeared in a shipwreck in 1999. But, how was he able to throw a stone from thousand miles away? What do you think?

Pseudònim: Conguito