The Boss of the Bandits

Not too far from Alejandria lived a trader and his wife . The trader, whose name was Geoffrey, loaded his horses and said goodbye to his wife. But at the last minute his wife asked him not to take the shorter way because it was too dangerous: There were bandits all over this way, it was near the mountains a good place for them to hide. So he took the longest way, but with more security. Two hours later he was on his way to the city when a very friendly man started to talk to Geoffrey . During the conversation he talked to his new mate about his worries about the bandits. Every time Geoffry said the word “bandit” the mysterious man smiled. Two days later they arrived to their destiny and said goodbye to each other.

Next morning when Geoffrey was reading the newspaper he couldn’t believe it: a photograph of his friendly mate was on the first page as the boss of the bandits.

Pseudònim: Coque


What happened to the poor green whale?

Did you know about the story of the green whale and the little sea turtle?

The story takes place in the dangerous warm waters of the Pacific Ocean.

This tale begins with the situation of the green whale. His peculiar colour attracted

the ambitious fishermen and the poor whale couldn’t escape from them.

They were all day behind her, waiting for her to come up to the surface to breath.

But one day, a curious sea turtle saw the pintoresc whale, chased by a lot of boats,

and she decided to go there and discover what was happening. There, she found that

the whale wasn’t itself green, she was covered by a huge green fishing net!

The little sea turtle wanted to help her, so she asked for help to other animals and

together freed the now, happy whale, making humans disappear forever.


Pseudònim: ņ∫å§



And after analyzing his weekly timetable,

he began to search into his schedule,

page after page. Then, he took his

glasses off and began to cry.

Indeed, he did not found the day

to start fulfilling his dreams.




If all men eat the same, why the food tastes different at each site? We try to solve the riddle.
All men eat the same in each place (meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, cereals, etc …). This is not only due to the place where food comes from, but it has much to do this simple process.
In some places (like Asia) raw foods, such as sushi, sasimi, etc… but others (like Europe) they eat are eaten after a complicated process, such as spaghetti and sausages.
Elsewhere they prefer to throw food seasonings in Asia and Europe soy salt. Every place in the world has its taste, what do you prefer?




I’m lost, lonely, left in the middle of the mountains, I’m here I repeat, but nobody seems to hear me. I try to think some way to get out of here, but there’s no solution or answer to my problem. Will someone rescue me? I am thinking. Maybe it’s too late! It’s cold and dark, very late for my eyes to still be watching. I close them, and suddenly, there’s a white light.

Pseudònim: Coco


The night of toys

Once  upon  a  time  there  was  a  kid,  he  was  the  prince  he  had  lots  of  toys

but there  was  a  problem.  Every night toys  turned   alive  and  when  the  kid

woke up  all the toys were  in  a  total  disorder.  Both  armies  were  mixed,  and  it  was

like  if  every  night  there  was  a  fight  between  both.  The  human  army  was  by the

trolls’ s  castle  trying  to  get  the  princess  back  to  there  castle.


But  one  day  all  was  totally  different.  It  was  the  birthday of  the  kid  so  people

bought  him  more  toys,  but  this time  they  didn’t  bought  him  soldiers,  they  bought

him  dinosaurs.  He  went  to  bed  and  when  he  woke  up  many  of  the trolls  and

human  soldiers  weren’t  there  instead  all  dinosaurs  were  in  both  of  the  castles.

The  next  night both  humans  and  trolls  were attacked  by  the  dinosaurs  but  they

allied  themselves,  and  managed  to  defeat  the dinosaurs.


The legend of the bulls attacks


There once was a herd of big bulls. They had a leader who was appreciated by all. That was because he was the strongest, the bravest, the most intelligent, the friendlier and the most generous. But one day, some lords were established near the fields   where bulls were grazing. The lords decided to do a great feast for the king to celebrate he had reached the land, for the annual inspection of all the lands of the kingdom. They decided to offer the king a feast: made by the best chef, and with the best bull of the kingdom. They hunted the leader bull, and with it the lords made the feast. When the bulls see the king eating their leader, they become so angry and they lunge the king, who was dressed in red, and they kill him. From these day, when the bulls see a red garment, they attack it because they thing is the king who had eaten the leader bull.

Pseudonym: Àngel Genís


What you want is what you get

In 1995, there was a boy called Julian. He was 11 years old. He wasn’t really clever,

but that was because he didn’t study. One day, he saw a doctor doing surgery, and

at that moment he decided to be a doctor, but he thought that he couldn’t be one with

his grades, so he decided to change. He started to study really hard. Two weeks later,

he had an exam. When the teacher was giving the exams with the results, he saw that

he got a nine out of ten, he was really happy. He continued getting  good grades and

studying hard. After seven years, he tried to get  into Harvard. One week later he received a

letter telling him that he got accepted, he got one hundred forty-eight out of one hundred

fifty. His  parents couldn’t pay for it, but he got a scholarship. He studied and after four years

he was one of the best doctors in the world. His parents and him were very happy with Julian’s



Pseudonym: Orcamo


Finns’ Food

Finn kept running through the trees and branches if the rainforest, trying to escape. He was absolutely exhausted and he needed to rest. He sat below a rock where no one could find him. Or so he thought. All of a sudden he saw a tiger walking towards him, and he thought he was about to die. Surprisingly, the animal slowly started to sniff him, but it didn’t seem he wanted to eat him. The animal said: “I can smell your fear. You are tired and hungry. Do you want to eat?” Finn nodded. “Follow me, and you will find plenty of food”. The tiger could have already killed him if he had wanted to, so Finn decided to follow him. He led him to a huge cave and when Finn walked in, he realized there were dozens of tigers staring at him. He didn’t know what was happening but when he looked down and saw a reflection of himself in a small puddle, he understood: he was the food.

Pseudonym: defdif


Charlotte and she’s boat

One summer day, Charlotte, a girl of 12 years old after a bored day she decided to take a walk around the town. She arrived to a small beach and she saw a little a rowboat. She decided to get in that tiny boat and take a ride. That was amazing for her. She always was looking around and looking for fishes or anything in the sea. I she’s mind that small bout had became a cruise and she’s ten minutes ride a transoceanic route. She suddenly saw a swirl and she immediately tried to escape from it but it was too late, she was already circling trough it. She was screaming and asking for help but no one was heard her, no one was going to help her. She thought she was almost died but she didn’t stop screaming. Suddenly she was in she’s room’s bed. Fortunately it was just a dream. She was alive.

Pseudònim: Juanjo García