What you want is what you get

In 1995, there was a boy called Julian. He was 11 years old. He wasn’t really clever,

but that was because he didn’t study. One day, he saw a doctor doing surgery, and

at that moment he decided to be a doctor, but he thought that he couldn’t be one with

his grades, so he decided to change. He started to study really hard. Two weeks later,

he had an exam. When the teacher was giving the exams with the results, he saw that

he got a nine out of ten, he was really happy. He continued getting  good grades and

studying hard. After seven years, he tried to get  into Harvard. One week later he received a

letter telling him that he got accepted, he got one hundred forty-eight out of one hundred

fifty. His  parents couldn’t pay for it, but he got a scholarship. He studied and after four years

he was one of the best doctors in the world. His parents and him were very happy with Julian’s



Pseudonym: Orcamo


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