What happened to the poor green whale?

Did you know about the story of the green whale and the little sea turtle?

The story takes place in the dangerous warm waters of the Pacific Ocean.

This tale begins with the situation of the green whale. His peculiar colour attracted

the ambitious fishermen and the poor whale couldn’t escape from them.

They were all day behind her, waiting for her to come up to the surface to breath.

But one day, a curious sea turtle saw the pintoresc whale, chased by a lot of boats,

and she decided to go there and discover what was happening. There, she found that

the whale wasn’t itself green, she was covered by a huge green fishing net!

The little sea turtle wanted to help her, so she asked for help to other animals and

together freed the now, happy whale, making humans disappear forever.


Pseudònim: ņ∫å§


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