Charlotte and she’s boat

One summer day, Charlotte, a girl of 12 years old after a bored day she decided to take a walk around the town. She arrived to a small beach and she saw a little a rowboat. She decided to get in that tiny boat and take a ride. That was amazing for her. She always was looking around and looking for fishes or anything in the sea. I she’s mind that small bout had became a cruise and she’s ten minutes ride a transoceanic route. She suddenly saw a swirl and she immediately tried to escape from it but it was too late, she was already circling trough it. She was screaming and asking for help but no one was heard her, no one was going to help her. She thought she was almost died but she didn’t stop screaming. Suddenly she was in she’s room’s bed. Fortunately it was just a dream. She was alive.

Pseudònim: Juanjo García


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