Hello,my name is Z- 014 and I live on Earth- 2104. Firstly, I’m a half-human and a half-robot, I know that is strange but it’s true. However, a few months ago I saw something unique, a human , a truly human. It was very special to me because I had never seen a human before, but I was a little scared and worried for her. On this planet everyone hates humans except me. Now, she’s living with me in the basement because the armed forces are looking for us to exterminate her and me for a traitor. We’ve been trying to rebuild her ship to get her back home, but we’re missing a piece and it can only be found in one place: the government chemical plant. There is only one problem: an authorization is needed, which I do not have and I do not know how to obtain it.

D. A


These holidays I went to my grandparents’ town in Granada to see the olive tree family lands. But i soon discovered that they had lied, as there was no town: We had travelled to another planet where infinite armies in silver armours eternally sleep over the hills. Wherever you looked, you could see them; always aligned but never going to fight. I talked to many of them; well, I didn’t know their language, but we didn’t need to. They told me that, even though they hadn’t moved for over 200 years, they had seen a lot. They had seen millions of nights and spoken to everyone in my family, but they had never fought.”We are not an army, we are guardians” one told me through his leaves. I realised it was true. Those trees had not only offered food to the people of these lands, but also a reason to stay and form a life. As they grow, so does the story, and they continue to preserve it, writing it in stillness, watching from the distance, turning this town into another planet. Thank you.



It was a day of early spring, like any other. When the trees turned green, where the plants flourished and had their colored petals, you could breathe clean air, an exotic air on earth, an air that transmits peace and tranquility. I went out and I walked down the street and saw people waving in the street, people who were at odds with each other, people who felt judged no longer had that feeling. Later I went out again and realized that the weather had returned to normal. Well, that feeling is probably the one that suffers a child seeing that those who mess with him because of some disability or some physical aspect, do not come to the educational center or some environment in which they are seen. Sometimes the person affected by not telling their parents the feeling every time who saw the little group that harassed him has

come to lose their lives.



The love of the family is the most important and the truest that you could find in the world. Friends could be in the good times, but in reallity who will be in the bad times is the familly. You didn’t choose the family that touched you, but the union that has been created and the good times that we have passed together, creates the affection and the instinct to protect who you love.



I wake up feeling lonely. Bustle of doctors and nurses in my room. Noise, people, but I have the feeling that nothing goes with me. Just one more day… tomorrow at home!



It all starts with too much homework and exams, the students don’t know how to organize, the teachers believe that the students know how to do it. And that’s when the stress comes. You see that you can’t control it, anxiety arrives, and it can be a psychological problem. Then, more and more psychological problems come and depending on which, they may lead to suicide and all this because you don’t know how to manage work.



Happiness is an emotion that occurs in a conscious being when they reach a moment of conformation, well-being or when achieving certain goals that fulfill them as an individual, although each person can have their own meaning about what happiness means to them.

For example, what is happiness according to philosophy? Being happy means self-realization, reaching the goals of a human being. Aristotle, a disciple of Plato, maintained that all men pursued happiness. Some are happy earning money; others receiving honors, and others travelling. Everyone has the secret of their own happiness.

In conclusion, sometimes my happiness is not the happiness of the others.



All the days are the same for people. They go to work, they make relationships, and they believe that after the death there is something that is waiting for us. But if finally there is nothing, they will know that the hope they have in life is only a distraction for the reality after the death, the nothing.



“Hello dad, I say hello to you because I refuse to say goodbye. You had the bad luck of not presenting the common symptoms that this damn illness caused. You were at home with your wife, my mother, a tireless and fighter woman who strictly followed all the doctors’ instructions. She also got infected, but she has managed to get over it. You were fighting for 27 long days. I looked forward to the daily call from the ICU, hoping that one day you would wake up and start to get better. On April 23, 2020, you left. I couldn’t shake your hand, I couldn’t give you the last kiss, the last goodbye. I know you are with me, and you won’t’ leave me alone. They told me that you were one of the best: hardworking, fighter, that you adored me and mom, and especially your grandchildren, who will never forget you because a grandfather like you leaves a mark. See you soon dad, one day we will see each other again. I love you.”



I have never been able to feel the same feeling I had in primary school as I changed schools, my friends, the study methods, and teachers. You have always been there for my problems. You have comforted me all my life and you don’t know how many times I have thanked you this. Although we are quite far away, I always do my best to have the same feeling I had 6 years ago. You don’t know how many times I think of you, nor how many times I have told you I love you. I really miss your hugs and your cuddles. But even if we are far away, you will always be my best friend. Since you came into my life everything has changed and I thank you for being part of me. Thank you for everything you have given/will give me all my life. I LOVE YOU.