These holidays I went to my grandparents’ town in Granada to see the olive tree family lands. But i soon discovered that they had lied, as there was no town: We had travelled to another planet where infinite armies in silver armours eternally sleep over the hills. Wherever you looked, you could see them; always aligned but never going to fight. I talked to many of them; well, I didn’t know their language, but we didn’t need to. They told me that, even though they hadn’t moved for over 200 years, they had seen a lot. They had seen millions of nights and spoken to everyone in my family, but they had never fought.”We are not an army, we are guardians” one told me through his leaves. I realised it was true. Those trees had not only offered food to the people of these lands, but also a reason to stay and form a life. As they grow, so does the story, and they continue to preserve it, writing it in stillness, watching from the distance, turning this town into another planet. Thank you.


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