The Boss of the Bandits

Not too far from Alejandria lived a trader and his wife . The trader, whose name was Geoffrey, loaded his horses and said goodbye to his wife. But at the last minute his wife asked him not to take the shorter way because it was too dangerous: There were bandits all over this way, it was near the mountains a good place for them to hide. So he took the longest way, but with more security. Two hours later he was on his way to the city when a very friendly man started to talk to Geoffrey . During the conversation he talked to his new mate about his worries about the bandits. Every time Geoffry said the word “bandit” the mysterious man smiled. Two days later they arrived to their destiny and said goodbye to each other.

Next morning when Geoffrey was reading the newspaper he couldn’t believe it: a photograph of his friendly mate was on the first page as the boss of the bandits.

Pseudònim: Coque


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