The fake beggar

Once upon a time there was a wizard. This wizard dressed himself like a beggar to reward the people who helped him for charity with infinite good luck. Then, one day a citizen told a rich man called Trankos that the wizard rewarded the people who helped him. The next day, in the morning, Trankos rode a horse to the city to help the beggar and have infinite good luck. When he arrived in the city, searched the beggar and he gave him one thousand coins of silver. The wizard looked into his eyes and said “You don’t help me for charity, you only want good luck but I will curse you”. The wizard cursed Trankos and he became a poor man. He ran away into the forest. People say that Trankos learnt magic and started to help people. When the wizard saw Trankos was not selfish, he took the curse away and Trankos became the new fake beggar.

Pseudònim: Jatriex


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