The message

One day I was walking down the street, when suddenly something happened: from the sky, a stone with a paper tied on it hit me hard on my head. A message was written in the paper. It said: “Help I am lost in an island, and there are a lot of sharks. Please help me, I´ve been here for seventeen years”.

How a stone could have been thrown from the sky? Who or what had thrown it? When 10 minutes later, I arrived home wondering what was happened, I decided to examine the paper again. When I reviewed it, I saw two letters at the end of the message, J and C. I began to think, and I remembered a name: James Carter, the famous thief who disappeared in a shipwreck in 1999. But, how was he able to throw a stone from thousand miles away? What do you think?

Pseudònim: Conguito


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