A new friend for Tom

Tom, a eleven years old boy, went on vacation with his parents to their house in Queralbs. When they arrived there, the first day, they met a little dog that was walking around the house.  It seemed to be abandoned because it wasn’t wearing any collar. Every day, Tom gave it some food and water and they played together. They became close friends. Tom asked his parents to adopt it but they refused. One afternoon, Tom went for a little excursion with his new friend, the dog. Suddenly, Tom fell down to the ground and hurt his leg. He couldn’t stand up. The dog began to run and let Tom alone.  It went to warn Tom’s parents. When the dog arrived to their house began to bark very loudly. Tom’s parents noticed that something happened and decided to follow the dog and found Tom. All the family was very grateful with the dog. A few days after, the family finished their vacation and returned home.  A new member was going with them.

Pseudònim: Maris


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