The Scarlet Revenge

There I was, Mark Johan, in front of the Emperor Rayven. My enemy. The same person who destroyed my village, killed all my friends and he also kidnapped my family. It was time to take revenge for all the suffering he had put me through. I gripped very strong my sword which had been forged by my great friend Anthony and without thinking for a second, I attacked the Emperor with all my wrath. Fighting alongside my anger was a great error because it made me fail a lot until I stopped and meditated. After this small break, the real fight started. The emperor didn´t expect that change of rhythm, so it gave me the victory. When people started to know about the death of the Emperor Rayven, they felt glad because they knew that finally they were free. I, Mark Johan, spent the rest of my life living with my family.

Pseudònim: Latbor


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