What changed my life

Hello my name is Fred Richma I was born the 10th of May in 1936 (now I´m 80 years old), I live in the nord of England in 27 British street, I live with my son who is 40 years old. My wife died in 1926 when she was 70. I´m a retired since 1871, yes yes yes… I know my live is boring but one day all changed I saw a paper on the floor with letters in Chinese like these: “我們尋求老年人老鄉”=translation= We search older people as apprentice, I was bored and I decided to start working again so I went there and later I waited around five minutes then a guy appeared and called me. They asked me questions like where I studied and more things, then they told me to wait in the other room and a few minutes later they told me that I was in! So I started to work in the restaurant and in the secretary. So this is a way to show all who are reading this that  being old doesn’t mean being useless.

Pseudònim: Astronaut 2003


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