Once upon a time  there was an ogre named Jake.He had scared the neighboring town because he wanted to eat them. The mayor thought a plan to catch it. He placed a trap in the forest. They put sleeping herbs in the forest so when the ogre see will eat it. He fell so they could meet him. When he woke up and found that he was a prisoner of those men, listened to his proposal. They wanted to change the way of life. It should work the land to get potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, beans. The major  said: you should create your farm for meat, milk, eggs If  you accepted it would not be released. He accepted when he saw it was a good way to live. From that moment appreciated the good intentions of those who were treated so badly. He was released and lived together in peace.

Pseudònim:  NORTINHO



Do you remember how it all began? You used to be generous, you promised you would create the greatest empire to ever be seen, and that there wouldn’t be wars during your reign. Truth be told, everyone adored you… but that changed. You changed. As your power increased, your attitude turned cynical and your vision blurred to the point where you were completely blind to anyone who wasn’t yourself. You conquered and killed anyone who stood in your way, unaware of the dried blood on your hands. One day, however, the ones who used to adore you knocked you down. And with your fall, you regained your sight and came to a realisation: ‘Maybe they are right’. You recognized your own mistakes, conscious of them until your last breath. But maybe you did the right thing after all. It couldn’t be appreciated back then, but now, a few centuries in the future, I wonder how the world would be if it wasn’t for you. And, just for the record, you probably did create one of the greatest empires to ever be seen, as it hasn’t fallen into oblivion yet. Now, after this reflexion, I have one last question for you: were you the hero, or the villain in the end?

Pseudònim: Sine Nomine