My last holiday

Last year my family and I were going to an island in the Lesser Antilles. I was hoping
that trip would be our best holiday. On the plane it was quiet, when suddenly an
alarm started and all the lights went red. We were all terrified when one of the
stewardess told us to cover our head and place it between our knees and to stay
calm. I was expecting the worst when suddenly I heard a big sound and everything
went black. I remember waking up, laying on some unknown beach with an
overgrown forest in front of it and all around me people shouting and crying. I stood
up, confused, with no idea of what just happened there. As I turned around I saw a
big airplane, with it’s front missing. Then I saw my dad running, shouting at me, just
seconds before I realized, there was a huge iron piece falling down from above,
going to crush me.

Pseudònim: LLO

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