Today I’m going to The Grand Canyon, in USA with my parents, my cousin Frankie is coming with us, we wanted to go there because of the views.
First we’re going to pick up Frankie at her house in Topeka, yes; we’re going to cross all Kansas, to Colorado to see the canyon. But It’s summer and we all loved the idea. Well, as the trip was very long, 7H and a half, we brought dad’s computer to see Netflix in the car. When we arrive we are going to meet with a guide of the park and he’s going to wear us to cool locations in there.
When we have finished the tour we’re going to have dinner in a restaurant near there and then we’re going to go home; we are arriving home very late, at 3h in the morning, so Frankie Is going to sleep with us. The next day Frankie will go to her home.

Pseudònim: JM

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