The story of a little boy

A little boy was playing football alone when someone touches him, but anyone was there. After that day he was always listening voices. He went to his grandparents house, but they weren’t alive. Then a man came to the house and it brought him to somewhere… Tow years after, the police found the body of the little boy, he was died.

Pseudònim: HL


It was dark, I didn’t know what time it was but I didn’t care either. The first thing I needed to do was found someone who can help me. I just stay lying down where I was and I started shouting, but that house, the house where everything pass. I was dirty and superficially hurt. I couldn’t remember anything that pass after that except a girl. I can remember a girl, dressed with a white dress and she was sit on a chair in front of the house, firstly I couldn’t saw her face but a lightning strike. I can saw her face clearly, she was crying but when she saw me, she got up and walk next to, finally she smile and I fell unconscious. Now I just want to walk but I remember that spirits couldn’t walk.

Pseudònim: XP


I light up an old candle and sit right next to you. You once told me you love this particular vanilla scent, which reminds you of your childhood. You try to hold my hand, although you barely can. I cuddle the palm of your cold hand, in order to calm you down with my caresses. “Everything will be ok”, I mutter. We carefully stare at each other, knowing what that wistful look means. Years have gone by, but the glimpse of hope in your eyes has never faded, and that truly mesmerizes me. You look at me again, relentlessly trying to say something. I nod. I already know you love me, just remain quiet… I kiss your forehead. The candle peters out and so do you. This is not the ending, this is just one of them. Night-night, sweetheart. See you soon.

Pseudònim: Nairobi

The strange box

Once upon a time, I was clearing up my room when the phone rang. If I hadn’t heard the phone I wouldn’t have had a problem. It was a robot and it told me that I had to go to the post office, ask for John and pick up a strange box. Obviously, I followed the instructions because I was curious. I had just finished following the orders when the weird robot sent me a message which said: “Open the box or I’ll kill you”. I was frightened of it and I thought about what I should do. I was scared although at the same time curious, so I decided to open the box. Suddenly, I vanished, and appeared in a strange room. Every day I count each day that passes. I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t opened the box.

Pseudònim: ER

A wrong Adventure

Year 2156.

Half of the Earth had been destroyed because of human contamination. The NASA was looking for a new planet to live on and they had been sending spaceships to planets for a long time.The following week, Manu and Jorge were going to Mars to look for a place to colonize. They had been training in the NASA station for 6 months,8 hours a day. When they were ready, they set off. They had never been in space, therefore they were really excited about it.But while the space ship was going to Mars, the trajectory changed due to a space rock which had impacted. Manu and Jorge landed on a different planet. Obiously, they had to repair the rocket. When they repaired the spaceship, they went back to the Earth but Manu and Jorge had discovered a new planet.

Pseudònim: AR


One night Jimmy came home late. When I entered everything seemed normal, but not everything was fine there was something that did not fit, something had changed. when suddenly I hear something, as I go towards the noise the sound grows, all the noise takes me towards the basement, which slowly, when I turn on the lights, someone knocks him out. Upon awakening he was caught in a coffer underground

Pseudònim: DR

The biggest form of rebellion

To learn to love the stretch marks, and sagging breasts. Spots in the face, and wrinkles around the eyes. Hair in the nipples, and double chins. Bitten nails, and fat fingers. Big thighs, and long thin legs. Straight or curly hair. To be tall or to be small.

To rise the voice before an aggression. To see other women as sisters. To empower every single girl. To talk freely about sex, about what we like and what we want. To speak out loud about what we DO NOT want. To travel alone, because we can.

For Jénnifer, Celia, María del Pilar, María Adela, María Paz, Dolores, María del Carmen, Patricia, Elena, Sacramento, Manela, Carmen, Antonia, Felisa, Marina, Laura, Cris, Lucía, Alejandro, and for all of those who do not have a name yet.

To be.

Pseudònim: Donuta

A regular summer day

It was a hot and sunny summer day. I was at, lying in my bed. Just chilling and chatting with my friends. Suddently my mum came into my room and told me I had to do my homework that the teacher had given me to study and revise during the summer holiday. So I had to get down to some work. I was there sitting in my uncomfortable chair like a koala while my cousins were playing and swimming in the pool. If I had passed the maths exam I wouldn’t have been there. After half an hour I was getting really bored so I decided to go outside to play football with my cousins. Unfortunatly my father saw me and didn’t let me go ouside to play. If I hadn’t gone out in the garden to have some fun, my father wouldn’t have given me a punishment.

Pseudònim: PB


Once upon a time, a normal family had a good live, but one day this family had a son whose name was Jack. He was a normal boy but when he was playing with his friends, he got mad and he punched the goal and Jack broke it in two. Jack had super powers. he had a huge force. When he knew it he stole his whole live helping people. They tried to kill him many times but he never gave up and he got it he was amazing. When Jack died people made a statue to remember him. He saved his city and thousands of lives because he was a hero.

Pseudònim: AS


16 April 2018

I don’t know why I keep thinking about that guy that I found chasing me secretly. It was strange, he was wearing a black hoody and black trousers. I see him with a gun on his hand. Why he wants to kill me? Did I do something wrong or is related about my dad judgment? I think she wants the money that my dad get on judgment.

17 April 2018

I am very scared, yesterday someone kill Jenny Parker, the lawyer of Ms. Smith, one of the customers of my dad. I am sure it’s the man I saw yesterday. I don’t know who is going to kill next.

Pseudònim: CR