Short Story

Today my friends and i are going to meet in the evening to see a film, but we can’t decide wich are we going to see. After a long time we made some groups to decide the film.Once we chose it, I went to look for it in the cabinet where I keep them. One of them asked:
– Do you have popcorn for the movie?
-Yes I believe. But I did not have. Only the empty box remained. I knew they were going to refuse to start the movie so I had to go out and buy more.I went running to the gas station because it has a store where the owner is my mother’s friend so he makes me discount. When his son comes in, he greets me. I return the greeting with a face of exhaustion, and ask him where the popcorn is. I bought them and returned home. They were with the mobil.I made the popcorn and we started the film.

Pseudònim: PM

The worst trip

Carla was on her way to the airport with Eric, her boyfriend. They were going to New York. The plain was living at 11am. When they arrived to the airport they said good bye to their families. They went to the check-in desk to get their boarding passes. Then they went to pass the security check. They stayed there half an hour because Carla’s boyfriend, Eric had the surname incorrect on his passport. The security told them that they can’t take the flight unless they get the name correct in Eric’s passport. So Carla and Eric had to go home.

Pseudònim: PR

Preparing for a competition

John was training as every week, but he was training for a competiton and if he don’t train John won’t be the best. Just before the match John was really nervous so his mind was really delicate so if somebody say something negative can be effect him. Would have won the match to be the best player in our country of tennis he had gone to be a star. When he finish the match everybody starts claping because the match was really good with a lot of long points and the match decide in the tai break of the 5 set but the bad news was that he lost but the oponent clap to John because he saw that in few years new people comes and that good for play matches like that.

Pseudònim: EH

Damsel in distress

Damsel in distress, what is your fear?
O brave knight, ‘t is the dragon – for he is near!
Fear not, fair damsel, for slay it I will!
O brave knight, pray do not kill!
Why dost thou say so, damsel fair?
O brave knight, a secret I must share.
A secret, do you say?
Yes, brave knight, hear me, I pray!
To my request please do attend,
For the dragon, he is my friend!

Pseudònim: George

The worst day of their life

Once upon a time there was a group of Friends that wanted to go to a party of a friend called Sophie became sixteen years old. When the day arrived, they all think of a present that Sophie would like, so all think of a chocolate cake and sweets. They decided to go to her house by train, buta ll the trains were cancelled due to for a strike, so they have to wwnt walking, Google told them that they have to cross a forest, when they crossed the forest they started to Heard very strange noises, and they started to be very scared. Then they saw a very big Monster and they started to run.
To be continued…

Pseudònim: JG

St Jordi

Once upon a time, there was a knight that had a dream, that was to kill the dragon. If
he killed the dragon, he could have a lot of fame. When he growed up, the dragon
kidnapped the princess and he went to save him. He killed the dragon and from the
blood of the dragon a rose grew and the knight gave it to the princess. And the
princess married the knight.

Pseudònim: Morty

The masked girl

500 years ago, a horrible and ugly young girl, was hiding of the people that lived in
the most beautiful forest . Was so ugly…her reflection in the blue water of the river
looked fuzzy and let the fish swimming around. She fled. And the years
passed…Years that she took to escape, and find out the damage that her mind made
to herself.
She wasn’t ugly…she though that she look ugly. She thought that the world was
fleeing her, but nobody was living in the forest, and she cried so much that the water
of the river became so salty because of her tears, and you couldn’t see small fish.
She carved with her own hands a mask that covered her face, and then, she couldn’t
see her sad reflection on the water.
No one saw her again…

Pseudònim: AR


Hi! My name is Hanna.
Yesterday, was my birthday.
If my parents gave me a present, it would be a chicken.
If my friends has ask me what was my present, I would said a chicken.
If my friends had ask me the name of my chicken, I would said… One moment! I don’t now. In that moment, I would see a plain and I wouldd thing that my chicken would like fly.
Her name would was Flyi.

Pseudònim: AL


He was playing on ps4 when the flames touched him, he ran trough that desaster. He felt down, he felt he was dead but hot hands took him and went outside where there was a cold night, it was a miracle, he was alive, and his family too. But…
his ps4 was destroyed

Pseudònim: EDJ

An old friend

She was tired after having been working all day. She was going home to relax when suddenly someone shouted her on the street. It was an old friend of childhood. She was very excited to see her and she remembered lots of memories of when they were little. She remembered that pijama party for her birthday, when they met to do homework in the library, when they talked about boys in the playground…

She opened her arms smiling very happy but when she looked forward there wasn’t anyone. She turned around and saw that she was hugging another girl.

Pseudònim: PPNP