One day my family to go to Tartales de los Montes that was the town that my grandparent  was living, in that house were a lot of hens and Rooster‘s arround the house. But in that town were a lot pf story’s that happened to my grandparent and all of the neighbours for exeple: one of them tha t has called Paco had a brother that felt of the roof and now is going with a Wheelchair. One day my family decided to go walking to another town and there was when I met with a friend called Lucia that I only saw at the summer. Two days later we go to do an excursion at the mountains in that excursion were a lot of insects and tiks, in the middle of the path was a rover that you have it to cross it. When suddenly we saw at my grandparent at the top of the tree like a monkey and all of my family were surprised to saw him in that place. We   return to the town and we saw that one of the neighbours had 12 dogs and we were very surprised because that  neighbour who is in a wheelchair can take care of 12 dogs.


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