One day a young boy called Tom was on the way to see his uncle Wilson, when he decided to take a short cut through Autumn Park. It wasn’t long before Tom got lost. He looked around, but all he could see were trees. He looked into his backpack searching his phone, but his headphones fell out of his backpack. Also didn’t find his phone. He was completely sure that he had packed his phone. He decided to go where he came from. After 10 minutes walking, he found his headphone again. “What is happening?” he asked. He started runing. Suddenly, there were no more trees in the park. There was nothing. And then, he woke up. He had 3 losed calls from Wilson. He ran as fast as he could, and he reached Autumn Park again. When he was going to call his uncle, he noticed that his phone wasn’t in his backpack.


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