A mission on the Moon

I suddenly woke up, very cold and uncomfortable. I was covered with a very strange type of blanket. It looked like night, it was all dark, but the sky was full of stars. There were too many. I decided to look around me. I wasn’t in my garden, where I fell asleep yesterday. While I looked around me, I noticed something in the sky. I could see the Earth from where I was. So I looked at the ground. It wasn’t grass. I was in a big crater. And, for a moment, I understood what was happening: I was on the Moon. I started having lots of questions, but a little piece of metal hit me in the head. I grabbed that object and it turned out to be an hologram from a person I’d never seen. That person looked scary and said a little message: save the Earth as soon as possible, please! I didn’t know what to do, but I had a mission. 

I’m Sarah Perks, the girl that can save the Earth from the Moon.


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