The mysterious story of the missing book

Hundreds of years ago, in Montblanc, was worn Jordi. After a while, Jordi became the town’s mayor. Suddenly, one day, his life and of all the citizens changed. On the night of 22 April, the most valuable object in their possession, the book, disappeared. At that moment, the whole town, desperate for the news, helped in the search for the object. At first, the people searched in their houses and the museum, where it had last been seen. But, Jordi tired of looking everywhere without finding anything, so he decided to go home. All of the sudden, he found it. When Jordi saw the book on their bed, he put his hands on his head because he didn’t understand what he was doing there. Quickly, without missing a beat, he leaves the house and heads for the town hall to tell all the neighbours the news. Today, the explanation for the strange event remains a mystery, nobody knows the true anwer, only hipotesis.

Captain America

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