Luis, he was going out with his grandmother for breakfast on Sundays. He liked to hear her stories and her advices.

One day, you don’t quite know how what happened, the breakfasts were over because a virus had arrived and I had to stay at home. It looked like a movie, but it was real.

Sadness overwhelmed him. His mother encouraged him to go out on the balcony to clap; that applause gave strength to all those who now took care of their grandmother. And so he did, every day she applauded: for hope, for the hugs, for the following breakfasts, and of course for courage, for the heroes. Time passed. Luis learned that together we won, that if we don’t lose hope we win.

Pseudònim: Donte

3 thoughts on “THE LOST BREAKFAST

  1. Esperem que tots poguem tornar a esmorzar amb els nostres éssers estimats, segur que sí!!!
    M, ha agradat molt el teu text!!!

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