The church death

“God e-ht was I” it was what the victim said before he died it was 17 Febrary 1997 and my partner Richard and I were trying to solve a murder that happened in a church. There was 1 death, someone killed him with a shotgun. We went to the church to see if we could find someone who could help us. When we arrived, the monk told us that there were a person who saw all, he gave us his adress. When we arrived we found him dead and there was a paper were it putted “revert”. We started thinking but we couldn’t think nothing. After 2 weeks I was working and I thought, “If we revert God e-ht was I, is I saw the dog” and I remembered that Richard has a tattoo of a dog” and I remembered that Richard had a tattoo of a dog, and then he appeared with a shotgun and he…

Pseudònim: Cire

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