Manny the Bunny the White Rabbit Accidentally Destroys the supermarket

It was a sunny day when Manny the bunny the white rabbit went happily to the supermarket, he was hungry and he so went to look for his dad. He went in. All the people who were shopping fainted when they so him. The first place where Manny went was the vegetables aisle to eat some carrots. When he has finished he went was the dairy aisle, he was surprised by all the milk which where there. After he went to the cosmetics aisle because he wanted to have a new look. He started with the blush and when he was finished he was a pink and blue rabbit. Finnally he went to the meat aisle. He saw a pig without its head. Mannys ran and he tripped over witha a special package, one with a rabbit in it, “Dad!” showted Manny, he satrted to destroy the supermarket. The supermarket’s boss woke up and saw the supermarket destroyed and a note: “ It was an accident, don’t kill more rabbits. Manny the bunny the pink and blue rabbit”.

Pseudònim: PR

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