Unexpected event in the jungle

I still remember my first trip which is difficult to forget. My family and I travelled to Brazil to spend some of our summer holidays together. When we arrived after such a long journey, we were worn out. However, the atmosphere of the place was very interesting and different to what I was used to.

We were enjoying the trip so much until the day we went on a guided tour through the Amazon’s jungle. During the tour, I was so focused in taking photos of the scenery and the animals that I had forgotten to follow the group. When I realized I had got lost I was frightened by what could happen to me. I shouted as loud as possible but there was no answer, just the sound of the jungle like birds, insects, waterfalls and other creatures which I didn’t really want to think about. Wandering, I miraculously remembered where I took my pictures from and it took me three hours to reach the tourist path which was well indicated.

Hopefully, it was just a scare, but it was difficult to get over it.

Pseudònim: Peter

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