One dark morning at 6:00 after a party I was walking down the street, returning home when I found a pocket watch, it was really strange, so I kept it and continued to my destination. When I arrived home, I looked it closely and I found a button, so I pressed it but nothing happened. I was really tired, so I decided to sleep, when I woke up, 10 hours later, nobody was up at home, which it was strange. I started doing the housework to make my parents happy when they woke up, but they spent all day sleeping, so I went out to meet friends, but nobody was answering my messages and it was strange too. While I was waiting for some answer I decided to examine the watch closely again, and I pressed the button another time. At that moment my mobile started to ring and my parents woke up. All my friends were writing me saying that something strange happened, it was like somebody stopped the time. It was at that moment when I realized that the pocket watch could stop the time. I started to use it regularly, to copy at exams, to miss classes, to go out, to get things free… One day I decided to stop the time to get into a fly to Dubai to have a great weekend, but when I came back nobody recognized me, it was terrifying. So, now, 3 weeks later, I’m fed up. My parents, my friends, my girlfriend, nobody know who I am. I’m going to end it all, yes, and this is my farewell letter. Finally, I want to thank everybody who was part of my life.

With Love.

Pseudònim: YY

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