Thoughts of a bird

Looking down at the ground was terrifying. It was too far. The slightest breeze made me shake, and it wobbled the thin wire that was holding me, marking the difference between a life of security and the most uncertain future: the fall. What would await me if I jumped into the unknown? There, in the height of my position, I was safe, but I didn’t feel I was living. All I could see was the darkness below me, but it was appealing. Just as the trees look for the sky and the depths of the earth, I wanted to know more of the world. I could even listen to it, taste it in my beak, feel it between my feathers. It was just one little, tiny, leap. And I would be there. I swayed a little, maybe for the last time. Who knows if I would miss my wire and my wind.  But I had made up my mind. I left myself fall to the great and endless adventure. And I flew far away.

Pseudònim: Maraya

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