Arnau with 12 years, he woke up, and he looked around and he saw that he was in a
video game! He changed a lot, now he was a strong man and carried a weapon,
suddenly he knew that he was in his favorite video game, Rainbow Six Siege.

The game started, it was 5 vs 5, Arnau started to run, he had spent hours playing
and he knew the game perfectly, he killed 2 behind the wall and then he realized that
he lost some life, they had shot him. He hid behind a window and saw that it was 3
vs 2, he killed one, but his companion was killed too, now it was 1 vs. 1. Arnau
moved and the enemy shot him, he had 10 of life. And then he saw the enemy, with
caution he run and killed him, he won the game! He was very happy, and suddenly
he was in the bed.

Pseudònim: AJ

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