The life

That’s the story of a rebel teenager. He always had the thought that we only live life once, so he had to live the best that he could. In order to that, he didn’t study too much, he always go to parties, hang out with friends and unintentionally started to shelve his parents and family. One day he was arriving to his house when suddenly an accident took place in front of his house. He went running to the crashed car, because the car looks familiar to him and it resulted that it was his father car. His father was dying, an on his last words he said to him: “Do not waste your time and make sure that you live the life that makes you happy”. Those words change completely the life of this rebel teenager and he started to focus on his future. At the end of his life he wouldn’t regret of nothing he had done in his life, he live the life that makes him happy.

Pseudònim:                 MSM


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