Once upon a time, there was a princess called Sarah. She lived in Patagonia with all her family and all her friends. As well, there was the dragon, the monster of Patagonia, who was alimented by eating the animals of the town. One day, there were not more animals for the dragon, so they voted who was going to die in the stomach of the monster. Finally, the town decided that the person who was going to be eated was going to be Sarah. The same day, Sarah went to the cave to be eated. When she arrived, she saw the dragon preparing a table for the dinner, the princess. They started to talk. When they closed the discussion, the dragon held the leg of the women and he put her in his mouth. Suddenly appered a robot called CDR who, with his swor, killed the dragon and saved the princess. The robot was in love with Sarah, and after that escene, Sarah too. When they realised, they were maried and having four children.



When I was 10 years old I was in the supermarket when a strange thing happened. The lights turned off and turned on in a second for a long time. After that, outside, a strange sound started and the sun disappeared. Everybody inside got scared and the panic involved her body.

My father and I went outside and the sky we saw amazed us. It was an eclipse and the sky was orange and red. But the eclipse was absorbing everything: houses, cars, trees… We went faster inside but the eclipse started to absorb us and when we were near the eclipse… My phone alarm sounds and I wake up.



Arturo was a King Who lived in a small town. The town is called Juanfran. Arturo has a wife and she is called Mariallum. Mariallum and Arturo have one child. She’s Margarita, she’s 18 years old. She was Miguel’s girlfriend. Miguel was a tall man, and chivalrous. In the town there was a problem, there was a giant crocodile that killed the villagers. Every day he ate a different one, he didn’t stop. It was difficult to kill, but Arturo told Miguel that if he killed him he would let him marry his daughter. He accepted because he thought he would win. He went to the crocodile, and they fought for hours, but in the end the crocodile won. When Margarita found out, she committed suicide out of grief. moral “think things twice before doing them”

His father is angry because her child is dead, and the Next year he is a bad person. He killed a lot of people. End.


It was a normal Sant Jordi day. In the morning I went out and I bought myself a rose because I love them. When I was going to the train station to go to work, I noticed that the rose smelled different, so I sniffed it and immediately fell on the ground. When I woke up I didn’t remember anything, I was lying on the floor without my cell phone and without money, I looked at my watch and I was very late for work. After all that my boss got mad at me for being late and I had to buy a new cell phone. It has been the worst day of Sant Jordi that I have ever had and all this for a rose.


I thought I loved you. You thought you loved me. We truly believed it was love. Little did we know, at that time, that we were just projecting our own needs on each other. And we mistook needs for love. We were young. Too young. And loving was more beautiful than needing. We helped each other. We grew up together. We grew apart.

Maybe it wasn’t love. But I will always love you.



Cameron was a retired police officer who thought his days of solving crimes were behind him. However, when his neighbor was found murdered, he couldn’t resist getting involved.

Cameron had always been a curious person, and he found himself drawn to the mystery of the crime. He began asking around and digging up information, trying to piece together what had happened.

As he delved deeper into the case, Cameron found himself in danger. The killer was still out there, and he didn’t want anyone else getting too close to the truth.

Despite the risks, Cameron persisted, determined to solve the crime and bring the killer to justice. In the end, his efforts paid off, and he was able to identify the killer, but as he was about to take him to the police, the killer attacked Cameron, and Cameron was left on the ground with a rope around his neck, pulled taut by the killer, and he was running out of air in his lungs, to the point where his soul faded away.


Once upon a time there was a princess named Matilda, whose parents wanted her to marry a prince as was the tradition. She didn’t want to since she was in love with another prince named John, but her love was impossible since the prince was already engaged to another princess. Likewise, they met every night.

One night the prince declared to the princess that he had the power to move objects with his mind, this made Matilda fall more in love and she couldn’t help feeling that she had found her soulmate, but not everything went very well for the two lovers.



Mi hijo James se había hecho muy amigo de los niños de la tribu en los meses que llevábamos de voluntariado en Kenia. Había aprendido el idioma y lo hablaba con soltura. Un atardecer, se quedó jugando con Njiru, su mejor amigo. Los contemplaba silenciosamente desde la otra orilla del arroyo que nos separaba. Mantenían una ardida conversación y reían a carcajadas. Dos niños de mundos tan diferentes. De repente, mi hijo sacó un extraño objeto del bolsillo, lo partió en dos y ambos empezaron a comer con una sonrisa de oreja a oreja. Era chocolate. Cuando acabaron de comer, la sonrisa de Njiru se borró y su mirada apuntó al suelo. Entonces añadió:

– Muchos días mi madre no sabe qué hacernos de comer.

James, con la mayoría inocencia posible reflejada en sus ojos, respondió:

– La mía tampoco.



– Haha – said the knight after he killed the dragon. – Here you have, my princess. Here you have a rose. A special rose that is grown from the blood of this monster.

– Oh! What a beautiful rose! – exclaimed the princess. – Please my prince, take me to another place. I don’t like living here!

Do you remember this story? I hope so, because is the famous legend of Saint George. But… what happened later?

– Why don’t we go to live in a big city? A big city without dragons – proposed the knight.

– It’s a different place… I like it! – said the princess.

So, now, two years later, they live in a very big city. The princess is a perfect constructor of buildings, and the knight works in an office sailing houses, flats, and castles! Oh! And I can’t forget that, they have a pet, a very cute dragon, that is called Georgina.



-Corre! Corre! – Sentia a cada passa que donava – No t’aturis! – escoltava a mida que anava avançant.

Em vaig refugiar en un edifici ja en runes.

No entenia res; només tenia set anys.

Van passar els segons, els minuts…el meu cap va mirar a través de la minúscula finestra que encara romania en peu.

No vaig veure ningú.

Vaig seure mentre jugava amb els cordills de les sabates empolsades, ansiós per tornar a veure la mare.

Vaig escoltar un so tronador, que eriçava els cabells, i em vaig posar les mans, gèlides, a les orelles. Una espessa polseguera emanava de l’edifici contigu.

A l’instant, s’escoltà els gemecs de la gent.

No entenia res. Es va fer la foscor.