The church death

“God e-ht was I” it was what the victim said before he died it was 17 Febrary 1997 and my partner Richard and I were trying to solve a murder that happened in a church. There was 1 death, someone killed him with a shotgun. We went to the church to see if we could find someone who could help us. When we arrived, the monk told us that there were a person who saw all, he gave us his adress. When we arrived we found him dead and there was a paper were it putted “revert”. We started thinking but we couldn’t think nothing. After 2 weeks I was working and I thought, “If we revert God e-ht was I, is I saw the dog” and I remembered that Richard has a tattoo of a dog” and I remembered that Richard had a tattoo of a dog, and then he appeared with a shotgun and he…

Pseudònim: Cire

Deep Grey

With the poor light that comes through a hole in the wall I spot the hair clipper. Maybe tomorrow. I close my eyes because I realise I have nothing else to do. How stupid it is to pretend you’re sleeping in order to actually fall asleep. My tense body can’t keep fighting the tiredness.

I have lost track of time. The hair clipper is staring at me. I wish I had done it yesterday. It scares me that when someone isn’t aware of something, it’s simply non-existing. Everyone around me was well aware. I don’t know many people, but they’re enough.

Testing my bones, I try to get up. I feel grey. Not metaphorically, but physically. Before being able to do anything else, I kneel. Regardless of the countless thoughts that cross my mind, my face remains inexpressive. I hold the hair clipper and I think it’s time. But I can’t, because that would mean accepting it.

It’s been over seventy two hours since she kept me prisoner. My body won’t last much longer. I have to do it without thinking twice. I’m done. I rush to the bathroom and I remember I never checked how to turn the hair clipper on. I figure it out. Later my anxiety vanishes, almost as if the hair clipper scared it away. Ten minutes after, I don’t have hair in my head anymore, and I draw a smile on my face.

Pseudònim: AT


When I was born, my parents abandoned me. I don’t know the reason why. The only thing that I know is that my parents had many problems, and they didn’t want that I wasn’t happy. Now I’m 13 years old, and I’m living in a orphanage. I’m very nice to the other girls, but in the future I would like to have a family, like the other people in the world.

Pseudònim: MC


One day some LA guys had a house party. They invitated everybody in the school. The same day at night when the party was starting the most beautiful girl in the school year joined the party. One of the guys decided to ask her on a date but at the moment a clown entered the house with a pistol. All the boys and girls were scared but John the owner of the party got a shotgun from his father

and shot him but the clown was a classmate it was a prank…

Pseudònim: ETG


I knocked at the door and nobody answered me. I called again. I sat in front of the door and I waited. After a few minutes I heard the voices of my parents behind the door. They were whispering about something that I couldn’t understand. They opened the door and I entered strangely. They greeted me and they told me that they had to talk to me, and my mother added that whatever happened during the conversation, they love me. Even more surprised for that comment I sat on the couch in front of them. What could my mother have done to me to stop loving her? My mother started talking. If she hadn’t opened her mouth, I wouldn’t be death.



We don’t really know what magic is,

because if we did nothing would make sense.

There are things that we don’t know how to describe,

and I think that there are the most magical things.

I don’t know what it is,

but I think that the sensation that I feel when you look at me,

is magical too.

There are details and people with which you don’t need a wand,

they would always be special,

like you,

and like those,

those smiles in the mornings,

those who understand you with only a look,

those who are and stay,

those who make you laugh,

those who after a long time are still by your side,

those you know that will not leave,

those who make you happy,

those you have thought about while you were reading this.

The little details end up making the difference,

and it doesn’t take anyone’s effort,

because those who love you would never think that is an effort to make you happy.

We have to start to appreciate the real people,

no more false friends.

Above all we have to learn to love ourselves,

because if you don’t carry magic inside you,

you will never find magic around you.

Pseudònim: Yara Calum


It was April. John was going to work, he was very stressed. He was only thinking about work, and he didn’t see the dog. His name was Smile and he was a dog who was abandoned by his old owner.

When John returned home, he saw Smile, he was very hungry. First John bought some food for the dog, and then it was happening everyday. He was very happy to help Smile. But, one day, when John was crossing the street, a car ran over him. Smile started to cry.

When the ambulance came, Smile jumped into the ambulance because he’d to stay with John. The ambulance went to the hospital and, finally, John woke up. When he saw the dog, he understood what did Smile and he knew that they had to be together forever.

Pseudònim: Manchi


It was a rainy day when Tom realized that he had to go to Uluru the next week. Uluru was a place where he decided to meet with a very special person years ago. When he was younger, he went to Australia every year because his family was from there, so every summer he went to visit his family that lived on a village near Australia.

It all began when he went to the village for the second time and he met a pretty girl called Charlotte. She was fifteen, one year younger than him. When he saw her, he was speechless. He looked for a few minutes at his blond hair and his blue eyes. When she realized he was looking at her, she asked him his name. This is where their  friendship began, during the following summers he met her every day. After five years, his grandparents moved to London and they stopped seeing each other but they agreed that in 10 years they would meet again in Uluru, one of the most beautiful places in Australia.

When the day arrived he decided to go there to see if she remembered too. He was unbelievably nervous. When he saw her in the distance, he recognized her even though they hadn’t seen each other for 10 years. Without saying anything, they kissed passionately.

Pseudònim: Lazarillo


The best football match of my live was when we won 21-1 because we did it super well. We played as a first division team the week before the match. In the training we trained hard because that match was very important for us and for the club because if we won we would raise to division of honour. In the changing room before the game the coach gave us a talk that to warm up and we left super motivated for the game. In the field the team gave everything, the game was super exciting took several yellow cards and a red one. When the game ended the coach, the parents and the whole club celebrated the victory with a party. The club invited us to dinner at a super cool restaurant. At night I got a call from a man telling me that I was signed to the club that Tuesday to train with them.

Pseudònim: YUNCO


Being a sixteen year old teenager is not easy, but being a sixteen year old girl with a sickness like cancer is so much worse. I’ve been sick since I was ten, and all these years I have been losing friends from the outside and I’ve been meeting friends from the hospital like Tom. Tom is another teen that I have known for two years while we were having quimio. He has got lung cancer he is like a brother to me, he stands by my side in my difficult moments and I will love him until the end. Now he is in that point between life and death and I am so scared because if anything happened to him, I wouldn’t’ have any motivation to live. In two weeks, he is turning seventeen and I am already thinking his birthday present, I hope he’ll be fine when that day comes.

Pseudònim: AS