We don’t really know what magic is,

because if we did nothing would make sense.

There are things that we don’t know how to describe,

and I think that there are the most magical things.

I don’t know what it is,

but I think that the sensation that I feel when you look at me,

is magical too.

There are details and people with which you don’t need a wand,

they would always be special,

like you,

and like those,

those smiles in the mornings,

those who understand you with only a look,

those who are and stay,

those who make you laugh,

those who after a long time are still by your side,

those you know that will not leave,

those who make you happy,

those you have thought about while you were reading this.

The little details end up making the difference,

and it doesn’t take anyone’s effort,

because those who love you would never think that is an effort to make you happy.

We have to start to appreciate the real people,

no more false friends.

Above all we have to learn to love ourselves,

because if you don’t carry magic inside you,

you will never find magic around you.

Pseudònim: Yara Calum

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