When the first days of confinement started I was kind of happy to be home, I thought it would be like being in holidays. But it wasn’t.

Actually it was rather hard than easy, I had to do my homework  and there was a lot to do. The first week seemed like it was two days, but when the second week started, what I wanted was to go to school and not to stay home, there is where I realized what was going on. These were tough days to everyone, doctors, nurses and the families of the infected ones. I’m lucky that I don’t have any infected in my family yet, but those who are ill must be having a bad time, so this story is for all of them, we will get through this if we stay together 

Keep strong and we will get over it.

Pseudònim: Clavelito

Anims hospitals

A long time ago in the town “CORONADAY” an unexpected day, a deadly virus arrived and he was reducing the population little by little, the scientists of that time diden’t know lot, the only thing they did was put the name: (covi-18). The mayor had to put the people of the town in quarentena, while the doctors save lives. After two long months the cure was “found”, which involved being in the sauna for more than 3 minutes at more than 27*(temperature)

Finally everyone did it and celebrated it with a dinner in, free for everyone.

Pseudònim: Joan

Dear patients, doctors and nurses of covid19

This is a story about a citizen that is confined at home because it is a law now but he wants that this situation finished in the minimum time as possible. He do not know how it is the situation in the hospitals but he thinks that is very tough. If he lives home during the day is to go to buy something but he do not leave for meeting someone. He enjoy playing with his brothers and doing things at home. One thing that he learns about this is to be more patient and to appreciate the job of the persons of the hospitals that they do for all the world. 

I hope that this situation helps us to appreciate the value of the things that we have in the world.

Pseudònim: Ton

The war of the paupers

A long time ago, there was a war about to start between two to kingdoms. These two kingdoms were very poor because of another war, so the citizens were terrified because of this, because the lack of resources would kill many people.

One citizen, seeing the disaster of the situation, encouraged the family and the neighbours to go to the king to stop the war. This encouraged one kingdom to reveal himself against the king, but this early end because of the execution of the citizen who started the rebellion.

The other kingdom, saw the rebellion of the other, this encouraged them to ask to the king to stop the war. The king surprisingly accepted the suggestion. The citizens of the oppressed kingdom and the other kingdom attacked the castle of the oppressor king. They won the attack and the king was banished and there was no war and all citizens were happy.

Pseudònim: Carles Pérez


Luis, he was going out with his grandmother for breakfast on Sundays. He liked to hear her stories and her advices.

One day, you don’t quite know how what happened, the breakfasts were over because a virus had arrived and I had to stay at home. It looked like a movie, but it was real.

Sadness overwhelmed him. His mother encouraged him to go out on the balcony to clap; that applause gave strength to all those who now took care of their grandmother. And so he did, every day she applauded: for hope, for the hugs, for the following breakfasts, and of course for courage, for the heroes. Time passed. Luis learned that together we won, that if we don’t lose hope we win.

Pseudònim: Donte


Hello doctors and nurses, 

I do not want to think about what you are going through, the immense effort you are making for all the infected. Therefore, I want and we want to give you support so that we can get out of this not only for the doctors  so for those who are having a hard time because of this disease, with a little effort you will get out of this healthy and happy.

Also give great encouragement to families who have someone in the hospital.

We must stay at home for prevent to infect other people.

We will come out of this much stronger and with hope. 

 I give you all my courage and strength!

Pseudònim: A7

The natural metropolis

Once upon a time, in a small town located in the Pyrenees, a tree that always bore fruit in abundance. The villagers of that town considered them as the best in the world.

Every day, the inhabitants of that remote place descend from the hill where the tree was located with dozens of baskets full of those ripe fruits. Thanks to the tree, hunting was also good, since the animals approached dawn to enjoy that fruit.

One day, a line of supermarkets opened a store on the outskirts of the village. Locals, observing such an exotic place, decided to buy and try. Contemplating that wonder, where they could choose between miles of delights never seen before, they abandoned the tree.

Years later, the villagers became citizens. A huge city was built in that valley and due to industrialization the tree was lost. 

Pseudònim: Dudu

The real figth

Once upon a time there lived a grandfather who loved gardening. It has a name for each one of his flowers, although it has a lot. But among them the most beautiful was a red rose, which he called precisely “pretty”. When the confinement started he was even glad he could spend more time with his favorite rose.
But “pretty” became ill. He first cared, but then realized that the real struggle was in hospitals, with all the people risking their lives in hospitals.  When “pretty” died, he could only offer her suffering for all the victims of this terrible virus.

Pseudònim: Steve Rogers


It was a day like other spring day, sunny and clear. The squirrel, as usual, went out for its daily morning walk.

But something was different from what she was used to, the streets were empty of all those people who every morning went out to work, have breakfast, or even take a walk. The squirrel could not believe it, and asked his friend, the wise snail, if he knew what had happened.

The snail explained that a new disease, called Coronavirus, was lurking around the world, but to stop and defeat it, people had to stay at home. At first it seemed a sad view, but the squirrel realized that, after all, everyone had united for the same goal, leaving aside their differences, to defeat the coronavirus.

Pseudònim: Mrdj17


Yesterday, I was watching a film and suddenly my neighbourhood began clapping. I didn’t understand why they were doing that, so I asked my mum. She told me that those claps were because of the doctors that now are looking after the infected patients. When I was at the balcony, I saw my neighbour crying, his mother had died because of the sadly famous virus that is taking away so many lives. I’m going to be honest. I had differences with him, and I haven’t always liked him, but in this situation, we are all together. We have to leave our differences behind and stay strong because together we can achieve all the things we want to do.

Pseudònim: El lobo