A brief story to a patient and his caregivers

There was a boy who the first few days of confinement was delighted to be able to be home all day. But he soon realized that he couldn’t go out on the street, he couldn’t do the schedule he wanted, or see the rest of his family, and he started to realize the difficult situation we’re living in, and he started thinking about the sick people in the hospital. , but they are not alone because they have the doctors and nurses who care for them with love, and realized that from this situation we will get ahead if we have hope.

Pseudònim: Dima

The little flower

Once upon a time there was a flower that woke up on a cold winter morning, and he asked himself- where will they all be, why am I alone? But no answer came to his head, desperately looking for a ray of sunlight. Shattered and frozen, she spent her morning waiting for a hope that never came, the sun went down and the moon came out and greeting the little flower a kiss sent him, what are you doing there as soon as he asked, Will you spend the night alone and without friends? Why don’t you warm up but no answer came to him because the little flower was rising frozen, the moon was sad, and a silver tear spilled that splashed on the flower and life recovered.

Pseudònim: Josema

Dedicated to all patients of Coronavirus

Once upon a time, in a far away galaxy the Emperor Coronavirus, leader of the Jedi, suffered a strange illness named Sadvirus, a virus which the patience can’t stop crying. The Jedi Doctor and the wife of the emperor: Nurse, were the only one that know the cure of the Sadvirus, because had dedicated lots of years to study the incredible art of the medicine. The empress Nurse, said that the cure was to laugh of his own situation and to know that God have a duty for one each of us. And thanks to nurses and doctors the Sadvirus dissapeared.

Pseudònim: Ignatius VB

The really important

Once upon a time there was a person who had a good job, a
good salary and a wonderful family but was not happy.
One day his wife told him that she would take the children to
watch a soccer game. He gave it little importance and said that it
was okay but that he had a lot of work and he would not be able
to go with them. So when they were going to the game they
have an accident. Everyone was fine except the mother who had
received a great concussion. When the father found out what
happened, he went immediately to the hospital. The doctors,
who are the heroes of our society and always do a great job, told
him that his wife will survive. It was then when the father realize
that he had not enjoyed his family and the he had given more
importance to his job. Thereafter he enjoyed his family to the
fullest because in the end is the really important.

Pseudònim: J. J. BILBA


A long time ago in the town “CORONADAY” an unexpected
day, a deadly virus arrived and he was reducing the
population little by little, the scientists of that time diden’t
know lot, the only thing they did was put the name:
(covi-18). The mayor had to put the people of the town
in quarentena, while the doctors save lives. After two long
months the cure was “found”, which involved being in the
sauna for more than 3 minutes at more than
Finally everyone did it and celebrated it with a dinner in,
free for everyone.

Two kings, two horses

In ancient times, there were two kings whose friendship was infinite, however, their horses were like fire and water. One day both kings decided to lock them both in a small place next to a lion. At first it was wrong to be among all but the one who was going to win was going to be the lion. Then the horses realized that the only way to beat the lion was to cooperate and fight as a team, they didn’t like the idea but their lives depend of it.

Finally, the two horses managed to defeat the lion and strengthen and create a bond of friendship.

                        TEAMWORK AND HOPE BEAT ANYTHING

Things that may not pass

I went to Ireland last winter. There it was cold and it was raining
a lot. I was alone in a street on Dublin, at the centre city. I was
afraid and very cold. There wasn’t any light and all was dark. A
huge figure was coming very fast to me. I didn’t know what to
do. The huge figure was a big monster with a horrible face. I
didn’t know what to do so I closed the eyes. Then when I
opened I was laying in my bed. I was safe and it was only a

Pseudònim: xxjavizz