My life

Hello I write this card because I want to explain my life. When I was 6 years old I was diagnosed with cancer and now I am 16 years old. I have lived 10 years in the hospital and I continue there. At first, I was very scared because I thought about everything I expected in life. Now I have many friends and I have learned many things and I have Iearned to fight for what I want and what I want is not a mobile or anything like that. What I want is to be out of the hospital. I have many memories that I will never, ever forget. If you are reading this letter is because the cancer has won but I’ve lived my life to the greatest.



The legend of Saint George

Once upon a time, in a castle of a small town, there lived a king, a queen and a princess. Not too far, there lived a dragon in a cave of a mountain. That dragon was black, big and ugly. Every day, he ate a person and all the people of the town were scared. One day, the dragon wanted to eat the princess. He caught the princess and took her in his cave. But at that moment, arrived to town a knight: St. George. He went with his white horse to the cave to save the princess. After, he entered in the cave and with his spear he killed the dragon. The blood of the dragon fell to the floor of the cave. From the dragon’s blood grew a rosebush and from that rosebush a beautiful red rose. Saint George took it and gave it to the beautiful princess as a proof of love.

Once upon a time

I see two or three birds in the sky. Also I see a dragon, following them, spitting flames. A big fish appears suddenly and I don’t care about the poor birds because it is bigger and wonderful. The next thing I see is Nautilus and a big dolphin beside it. Where is Nemo? I suppose he missed his submarine.

Instead of submarine a small plane arrives and falls out of the sky. I am sorry about that, maybe people will not survive.

Leafs of trees moves because of the wind and I hear a cat meowing. I close my eyes and everything disappears. I cannot see anything but I know if I open my eyes I will see more fantastic things. I really love spring clouds. You imagine whatever you want and nobody says a word.


Rosita Roja

Thinks that may not pas

I went to Ireland last winter. There it was cold and it was raining a lot. I was alone in a street on Dublin, at the centre city. I was afraid and very cold. There wasn’t any light and all was dark. A huge figure was coming very fast to me. I didn’t know what to do. The huge figure was a big monster with a horrible face. I didn’t know what to do so I closed the eyes. Then when I opened I was laying in my bed. I was safe and it was only a nightmare.

The night at sky

On the sky, there are little lights,

They are there since the Earth appeared,

Shining all together like beautiful pearls.

They disappeared when the day started,

But I know they will come back every nights.

I’’ll know that when I’m dead,

They will be still like my memories.

As the way as they were when I lived.

Wonderful sparkles,

The night on sky, has just started!