Citizen in love

Each one of the leaves of the trees that falls with calmness in autumn. Each one of the sunsets behind the train station. Each laugh in the bar between beers. The decoration at the end of the year along the city. Each of the silences at half day during the summer. The happiness flowing from the schools when the sound of the ring. The especial Market environment on Thursdays and the bustle of the Saint Maria street on Friday. Saturday night in Moon with friends, and the street on Sunday teeming with the smell of lunch. The early morning walks with the children in Can Borrell and the vermouth at the sun.

I am from Sant Cugat. And I am proud to say: “I love my town”.




I had on my metallic mail glove. I did it with a sure determination. I knew that my enemy, the dragoon, would try to be implacable. In despite of this, I was not afraid of him and  I defeated with the same toughness of my glove’s material. Then, I wore my glove off and with the  softness of my fingers tact and with plenty of fineness, I caressed the petals of the rose while, at the same time, I was staring firmly and intently to the princess.

PSEUDÒNIM: Susana Noguera


Moderate, discrete summer

The breeze is fresh and the warmth of the sun can be felt for the very first time of the year in Denmark. Wild grass has grown in a disordered way, yet the nature has managed to remain somehow tidy and harmonic. Ducks and swans are the owners of this lake, where the males chase the females hoping to successfully mate. The cabin adds the final bucolic touch to the scene.

Once in the wooden house, one can observe the smoke coming out from the industrial chimneys, the cows grazing by the lake and the people cycling on the unpaved road, all at a time. They are all the perfectly graceful components of any Nordic landscape. Everything appears moderate, discrete. Summer has arrived to Scandinavia and its inhabitants seem to be effortlessly comfortable in it.