Arnau with 12 years, he woke up, and he looked around and he saw that he was in a
video game! He changed a lot, now he was a strong man and carried a weapon,
suddenly he knew that he was in his favorite video game, Rainbow Six Siege.

The game started, it was 5 vs 5, Arnau started to run, he had spent hours playing
and he knew the game perfectly, he killed 2 behind the wall and then he realized that
he lost some life, they had shot him. He hid behind a window and saw that it was 3
vs 2, he killed one, but his companion was killed too, now it was 1 vs. 1. Arnau
moved and the enemy shot him, he had 10 of life. And then he saw the enemy, with
caution he run and killed him, he won the game! He was very happy, and suddenly
he was in the bed.

Pseudònim: AJ

The best day of my life

Looks Alfred, today I will explain to you how I met the best girl in this world.
A few years ago, exactly on April 23, 1987, on that special day where people go out to buy blondes and books for St. George’s Day, I knew it was love at first glance, I saw her, so beautiful, with a few eyes and a smile… Without thinking twice, I approached and asked:
– Sorry, can you give me the most beautiful rose in this world, please?
She, with her beautiful smile, replied:
– All the roses are beautiful, there is none that is not.
Well I only see one. Sorry, what is your name? – I asked – And she say: – My name is Laura.-
Yes, today, Yes, she, it is your mother, the best of all.

Pseudònim: AG


Today is St George’s day, when I was little it was my favourite day because my father always gave me a rose and a book and also I loved to read, but these feelings finished when my father died.
Today all the people are smiling because they feel the spring and the boyfriends and fathers give to their girls a present or a rose.
In Catalonia you can’t avoid this day because in all the streets there are many stalls of roses and books and all I remember is my father.
In the afternoon I was walking through the streets of Barcelona and I saw a boy that got close to me with a rose, I don’t know why he did this, only I know that he had been happy that day.
If you don’t know who to give a rose, it doesn’t matter who you give it, they will thank you.

Pseudònim: AN

The last survivor

There was a little island next to Caribe, there was James, he was 22 years old and he was born in London. On the little island there was a city and a small town.

One day the weather wasn’t so good and the weather caused a tsunami that was 60 meters high. James was very intelligent because he thought about the way to save himself; he decided to build a little bunker underground. He said, – I will build a bunker to stay alive after the tsunami-. He started building his bunker with a shovel, when the tsunami was very close to him he started digging underground to be safe from the water, because if he got water in to his bunker he would dies drowned. When the tsunami passed and it was safe, he saw the whole city destroyed and that there were not people alive. He explained the method that he used and he won a novel prize.

Pseudònim: RG


A long time ago, in 1967, in the US, a boy of 12 years old disappeared.
This boy, James, had dark hair, was shorter than average for his age and was very self confident.
James wanted to go to some place to play with his ball, he went to a big forest to play, what he didn’t know is that this forest was cursed and many people had disappeared in this forest. So he went into the forest without knowing anything about this. Days after, James hadn’t come back home, the parents reported his disappearance to the police so that they would look for him.
Days after, the police found him but with many injuries and unable to speak, nobody knew why. Nobody ever found out.

Pseudònim: BZ


Me and my friends boarded a boat to go to Italy, to celebrate the end of the school year and have a great time.

After, we had quickly put the suitcases in the cabin, all of us went to the deck of the boat to see the views of Barcelona and the sea. On the deck there was a lot of wind and my friend’s hat fell into the sea.
My friend was so angry but for me and for my other friends it was so funny.
When my friends and I were taking photos with a selfie stick, the wind took my selfie stick with my mobile and they fell into the water.

At that moment we weren’t laughing, it was not funny. Especially for my friend who had lost her mobile forever.

Pseudònim: LA

My last holiday

Last year my family and I were going to an island in the Lesser Antilles. I was hoping
that trip would be our best holiday. On the plane it was quiet, when suddenly an
alarm started and all the lights went red. We were all terrified when one of the
stewardess told us to cover our head and place it between our knees and to stay
calm. I was expecting the worst when suddenly I heard a big sound and everything
went black. I remember waking up, laying on some unknown beach with an
overgrown forest in front of it and all around me people shouting and crying. I stood
up, confused, with no idea of what just happened there. As I turned around I saw a
big airplane, with it’s front missing. Then I saw my dad running, shouting at me, just
seconds before I realized, there was a huge iron piece falling down from above,
going to crush me.

Pseudònim: LLO


Today I’m going to The Grand Canyon, in USA with my parents, my cousin Frankie is coming with us, we wanted to go there because of the views.
First we’re going to pick up Frankie at her house in Topeka, yes; we’re going to cross all Kansas, to Colorado to see the canyon. But It’s summer and we all loved the idea. Well, as the trip was very long, 7H and a half, we brought dad’s computer to see Netflix in the car. When we arrive we are going to meet with a guide of the park and he’s going to wear us to cool locations in there.
When we have finished the tour we’re going to have dinner in a restaurant near there and then we’re going to go home; we are arriving home very late, at 3h in the morning, so Frankie Is going to sleep with us. The next day Frankie will go to her home.

Pseudònim: JM

The fantastic dream

Last week when I rehimed from school, i saw a big care with a couple of thieves with differents types of weapons. First i run away but later i call the police. After that I saw the two cars of the policeman going behind thieves car. Then they started a little wa and later arrived a helicopter of policeman and started fire away and satart a bg battle. At that moment, I was thinking that i was in a real video game i took a big weapon and i started to fire at the thieves. Finally, the couple of thives are at the prison with me.
But latter i wake up and i go to school to explain this fantastic dream to all of my friend of the school

Pseudònim: AG


A long time ago, in the Far East, lived a great emperor who was very loved by his people. The merchants who went in long trips to the West always brought him beautiful and exotic presents. Once, a merchant bought him a flower plant.

The emperor ordered his servants to take care of it. Whih the arrival of spring, the flowers sprout.

They were very beautiful. The emperor immediately wanted to know the name of such a beautiful flower, so he told his servants to bring him the merchant, but they didn’t found him. The emperor became very sad.

One day, the lucky merchant returned to the palace and told the great emperor that the name of the flower was “rose”. The emperor was happy again and he really thanked the merchant.

Pseudònim: MA