The last survivor

There was a little island next to Caribe, there was James, he was 22 years old and he was born in London. On the little island there was a city and a small town.

One day the weather wasn’t so good and the weather caused a tsunami that was 60 meters high. James was very intelligent because he thought about the way to save himself; he decided to build a little bunker underground. He said, – I will build a bunker to stay alive after the tsunami-. He started building his bunker with a shovel, when the tsunami was very close to him he started digging underground to be safe from the water, because if he got water in to his bunker he would dies drowned. When the tsunami passed and it was safe, he saw the whole city destroyed and that there were not people alive. He explained the method that he used and he won a novel prize.

Pseudònim: RG

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