The really important

Once upon a time there was a person who had a good job, a
good salary and a wonderful family but was not happy.
One day his wife told him that she would take the children to
watch a soccer game. He gave it little importance and said that it
was okay but that he had a lot of work and he would not be able
to go with them. So when they were going to the game they
have an accident. Everyone was fine except the mother who had
received a great concussion. When the father found out what
happened, he went immediately to the hospital. The doctors,
who are the heroes of our society and always do a great job, told
him that his wife will survive. It was then when the father realize
that he had not enjoyed his family and the he had given more
importance to his job. Thereafter he enjoyed his family to the
fullest because in the end is the really important.

Pseudònim: J. J. BILBA

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