I will tell you a different ‘Sant Jordi’:

It all began a few years ago… SantQgate’s princess, Ana, had to marry the arrogant prince of Madrilonia, Rajoy in a week. She wasn’t happy because she didn’t love Rajoy, she was inlove with a criminal boy, or that’s what she thought.

A day before the wedding she met with the criminal boy, Carles, to tell him that she would escape from SantQgate because she didn’t wanted to marry Rajoy, or him, for that matter.

That same night Ana escaped from her castle and went far, far away. But, do you know why? She said that before loving anybody, she had to love herself.

Pseudònim: JB

The lost tourist

Ismael and the group of tourists visited Catalonia and the tour guide explained a popular story of Catalonia. It’s the story of Sant George. Ismael was so shocked because he didn’t believe that all this was true. And when the guided tour is was over, one tourist was lost and all the people were looking for him because he couldn’t speak Spanish and didn’t know the city. Finally, a policeman found him in the bathroom. He was very calm and he didn’t realise what had happened. He just wanted to go to the bathroom. This story often happens many times in real life, tourists who come from abroad and go to visit another country and get lost…

Pseudònim: CD


A psychologist, in a session group, raised a glass of water. Everyone expected the typical question: “Is it half full or half empty?”. However, he asked: How much does this glass weigh?

The answers varied between 200 and 250 grams. The psychologist said: “Absolute weight is not important. It depends on how long I hold it. If I hold it for a minute, it’s not a problem. If I hold it for an hour, my arm will hurt. If I hold it one day, my arm will become numb and paralyzed. The weight of the glass does not change, it is always the same. But the longer I hold it, the heavier, and the harder it becomes to bear”. The worries, the negative thoughts, the resentments, the resentment, of a person, are like the glass of water. If you think about them for a while, nothing happens. If you think about them all day, they start to hurt. And if you think about them all week, you’ll end up feeling paralyzed, and unable to do anything. So always remember to drop the glass!”

Pseudònim: Hugito chiquito


-Hello my name is Martina, and when I was 10, 11, and 12 years old I suffered bullying. This is a story for all the people that suffer bullying, and what they must do to stop it.
I will start from the beginning…
All started the first day of school, when a girl saw me for first time, she got jealous of me. Or that’s what I thought. And she every day, every week, and every month! Makes me feel ridiculous. “What is this T-shirt?! A turd that came out of the bin?! She said to me, and after say that, she laugh like if she was the keen of the world. And one day, I decided to tell her “This is me, and I love it, Okay?” And the girl was so angry that she didn’t talk to me anymore.
Now I am the happiest person and I love who I am.

Pseudònim: Flor de maig

The chicken surprise

Once upon a time there was a cow who was in love with a bull but she had a big problem, she didn’t had the courage to talk to him, so she decided to go and convince the witch chicken of the farm to help her.

The cow asked the chicken if she could make the bull be with her and she said that she would help her but in exchange for two things. One was the huge knife that the farmer used to cut the meat and the other was to get a dish from the farmer’s house. The cow without thinking accepted the deal. The cow easily got the dish which was the one that used the farmer to feed his dog. However, the huge knife was difficult to get because it weighed too much, but with effort she got it and gave the two things that the chicken asked for. The chicken told the cow that the following day everything would be ready.

When it was the expected day the anxious cow met with the chicken and she had with her the dish with some food inside. The chicken said that if the cow ate what the dish contained she could be with the bull; the cow without thinking ate the food. Time after the witch chicken told the cow that, as she had asked for, the bull would be with her forever because she had eaten him. The evil chicken had killed the bull and made her eat the bull.

Pseudònim: Emcilu

The boy with the magic carpet

Once upon a time, there was a little boy who wanted to travel around the world but was poor. He was living in Morocco and there was an old legend that told about a magic carpet that could fly. He thought if he found that carpet he could travel around the world. He was searching for the carpet in his village, but he didn’t find anything. He thought that he could ask an elder if they knew something about that carpet. The elder answered that it wasn’t real, it was a trick so the kids ate the food they didn’t like. The little boy went back home very disappointed.

Pseudònim: La peixatera


Four friends of the school decided to go camping on the mountains one week, by bike.

Tomorrow they have to prepare your suitcases for leave on the weekend.

This mountains are very far, approximately four hours by bike.

The four friends are Tomy, 16 years old, Jessica, 17 years old, Jack, 18 years old and Chloé, 17 years old.

The weather was good but on friday do not plow good.

Tomorrow they go.

Are you ready? said Chloé, we are leaving for five minutes.

Upon arrival they only talked about their things: school, at home, boys, girls…

On the second day everything was normal they ate a sandwich of meat and went to bed early.

Three days passed and they were having a great time and there were only two left.

On the last day, they said goodbye to that fantastic experience and went back to their house with bike.

The next morning at Jack’s house everyone left to talk about everything that happened.

Pseudònim: AG


This story started the 31st of October, the night of Halloween. Two children called Rachel and Eric, were attracted to a mirror. This mirror was magic when the moon reflected in it, exactly the night of Halloween.

These children were very interested in that, so they touched and their hands passed on to the other side of the mirror, and the mirror pulled them. In the mirror the children travelled to the future and saw all the new technological things. They were very scared, however, they thought that, the most important was that they were together.

The next day the boy and the girl were in their homes, because all this story has been a dream. When they went to school, Rachel and Eric talked about their dream and thought: Was this dream real?



One day I staied on the floor of the high school, a group of people cames to me and they began to insults me. The next day the same. When the days passed, the insults were more agressive.

And two weeks later, a boy hurst  me in the stomach, I didn’t say anything to my teacher or my parents because I was afraid and they told me that if I talked with someone about this, they hurt me. The only friend that I had, said, that I had to speak with the director.

This afternoon, they  fought me in the street, then when they went to their home, I see my friend Robert, and told me that he talked with the director and tomorrow , the director spoke with this group.

Thanks to my friend Robert for talked the director. In the some day I didn’t have more problems whit then people.

Pseudònim: Tximitxurri


One day in Barcelona there was a marathon, and a lot of people ran it. Halfway through the marathon, a monster came to the city and started to destroy it. Everybody started calling the police and they came to see the monster. The marathon was stopped the monster with some weapons. The monster was crying and the people were happy because the monster has died. The marathon continued and the winners got a very good prize. The prize was that they had a free trip to Australia. They were so happy with the prize, and the monster was dead.

Pseudònim: GOMBAU