Four friends of the school decided to go camping on the mountains one week, by bike.

Tomorrow they have to prepare your suitcases for leave on the weekend.

This mountains are very far, approximately four hours by bike.

The four friends are Tomy, 16 years old, Jessica, 17 years old, Jack, 18 years old and Chloé, 17 years old.

The weather was good but on friday do not plow good.

Tomorrow they go.

Are you ready? said Chloé, we are leaving for five minutes.

Upon arrival they only talked about their things: school, at home, boys, girls…

On the second day everything was normal they ate a sandwich of meat and went to bed early.

Three days passed and they were having a great time and there were only two left.

On the last day, they said goodbye to that fantastic experience and went back to their house with bike.

The next morning at Jack’s house everyone left to talk about everything that happened.

Pseudònim: AG

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