The chicken surprise

Once upon a time there was a cow who was in love with a bull but she had a big problem, she didn’t had the courage to talk to him, so she decided to go and convince the witch chicken of the farm to help her.

The cow asked the chicken if she could make the bull be with her and she said that she would help her but in exchange for two things. One was the huge knife that the farmer used to cut the meat and the other was to get a dish from the farmer’s house. The cow without thinking accepted the deal. The cow easily got the dish which was the one that used the farmer to feed his dog. However, the huge knife was difficult to get because it weighed too much, but with effort she got it and gave the two things that the chicken asked for. The chicken told the cow that the following day everything would be ready.

When it was the expected day the anxious cow met with the chicken and she had with her the dish with some food inside. The chicken said that if the cow ate what the dish contained she could be with the bull; the cow without thinking ate the food. Time after the witch chicken told the cow that, as she had asked for, the bull would be with her forever because she had eaten him. The evil chicken had killed the bull and made her eat the bull.

Pseudònim: Emcilu

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