My best friend turned out to be toxic

Hi, I’m Jenny and sometimes people are not what they seem to be.Like a wolf disguised as a sheep.My story is about someone who is exactly like that.

A year ago my family and I moved to a new city. So, of course, I had to adapt to a new city, new friends …I got along with everyone, but everything changed during one of the lessons. When I was sitting next to Rachel.

She stands out for the way she dresses, the way she talks … As time went on I realized that we had many things in common and that we liked the same things. In a few weeks we became best friends. Apparently it turned out to be the opposite that what I thought.

She made sarcastic comments about me,about my music taste or about me in general.

I became paranoid, maybe I was worrying too much.

Rachel always made comments  in front of people so that I could see myself humiliated,she left me alone  and when I finally realized. I had already made many friends and they did appreciate me.

At that moment I decided that the best thing would be to get away from her, I was lucky to reacice it before and not let her manipulate me.

Pseudònim: pepa2


It was April 23, the day of Saint George. It was a normal school day, but at the time of the playground they were selling roses and books. I was buying a rose for my mom when a dragon suddenly appeared and it was spitting fire.

Everyone started to run out of the school escaping from the dragon and the fire. We were all terrified, but it seemed that we all managed to escape. However, the teachers discovered that a girl from my level was missing. Nobody could go looking for her because the school was totally set on fire. Although, after a few moments the girl appeared in Saint George’s arms and she was protected by Saint George’s body. Finally, he gave a rose in flames to the girl and he disappeared.

Pseudònim: GN

Magic Machine

As always Daniel went to the game store when he left the institute.
As soon as he arrived at the store he saw that only two machines were unoccupied, one of them with a sign that said “out of order”.
He ran to the operative machine, but another boy won the race so instead of going home, he started to touch the machine. He didn’t know what he touched and in a few seconds he saw a blue light and he was in another place.
Eventually Daniel realised that all around him was like a familiar game that he used to play at home. In front of him he sawed a cookie and he had the impression that he had to catch it.
At that very moment a counter appeared on top of it like that game, it was very strange but he continued walking.
A short while later he noticed that was a green flower pot in front of him, but when he was about to see what was inside a red plant came out of the pot and bit him.
Soon after that Daniel reappeared at the beginning. All of a sudden know what he had to do, he started running while he was catching cookies and dodging that flower pots.
At the end of the road he saw a white door with a poster with the word “exit”.
In next to no time Daniel saw an intense white light, when he could open his eyes he realised that he was on the floor of the shop and a lot of people was looking at him.
Daniel suffered an electric shock when he was touching the machine. At last everyone believed that it had been a painful experience, but for Daniel it was the best experience of his life.

Pseudònim: HE


Saint George’s day I was very happy because that day I was going to return to my family in Catalonia, I had been in Canada for a year. But I had a big problem because in Canada that day was very cloudy and in the airport they told us that any plane can’t flight in these conditions and we had to stay there in case the conditions change, when I heard those words I was very sad because I wanted to spend this day with their. After I went to look in the airport shops and I found one which sold roses. I decided to buy one thinking about the great day in Catalonia. To make the full day I went to buy also a book and I spent all the time like if I were there with my family.

Pseudònim: Color blue


On the 22nd of August 2007 there were a brother and a sister, who were watching the cartoons “Peppa Pig”. They loved those cartoons, and when they arrived home they always started to watch like 50 episodes of “Peppa Pig”. One night, the boy and the girl found a TV remote, pressed a button and they were teleported to CAILOU. They appeared inside his house, and said -Hello Caillou , are you? Said the boy – Yes! Answered Caillou – Oh my god, do you want to come with us to an adventure? They pressed the button and finally the appeared on “Peppa Pig” and they were so happy. They threw a party all together… But everything had been a dream.

Pseudònim: DREAM

The bills marked with“163-PJ”

Nowadays money talks! I have to pay my course today to begin it tomorrow, then yesterday at night, I went to the bank of my street to get money from the cash machine but suddenly, I was thunderstruck when I saw the money obtained. Every bill had on its surface this mark “163-PJ”. I thought the money was false and I went to the Mossos d’Esquadra to denounce it. There I explained the situation and during 10 seconds of silent, the policeman said me: “163-PJ” means “163-Prova Judicial”. Where did you get these bills? And I told him Money talks!

Pseudònim: Skynet 2019


That witty smile wasn’t very reassuring, the run down building, nothing as we expected, was remote from the city. Patrick encouraged us to be positive but we just couldn’t.

The old woman standing on the blotchy white porch was utterly odd with her purple shoes and green skirt. Lily and Patrick had brainwashed and convinced me to sign up for the coolest summer camp in London. I knew I wasn’t getting a very good feeling about it when I saw the price, surprisingly low in comparison to others. And how come, I was right,  it was all a scam. It must have been the dullest camp I have ever gone to.

The woman had a thoroughly wierd grin and was absolutely dreadful. And so were the activities! Thank God it was only a week, I would not have survived there if I hadn’t been for my friends, who were trying to somehow make it up for me.

Pseudònim: Alibi


Hi, I am the most important pen of a girl called Laura. With me she writes her daily life in his diary. Laura is a charming girl, but now she is going through a bad time of her life. 3 weeks ago, her beloved grandfather died and he was a very important person for her. Life didn’t make sense if her grandfather wasn’t next to her.

One day she decided to leave the room, where she had been closed for days, and go for a walk. As she walked through her neighborhood, she suddenly hit with a bicycle that was going too fast, and when she fell down she hit her head with the ground. Laura got a skull fracture. This fracture was very serious and caused amnesia and a disease in the skull that would reduce her life. All her life and memories were erased from his mind. The doctor said that she will die in 2 or 5 months. Upon hearing this, Laura was very shocked.

She went to a center with other children who had similar illnesses. She started creating her new life and enjoying the time to the max. Laura was always playing and having a great time with her group of friends. But suddenly arrived the worst day of all, the moment to leave the life. While her mum was crying, Laura said to her: -Mum, don’t ever forget me-. Laura learned a lot during those months, made new friends and always had a smile on her face despite knowing that she would die in a short time. She died calm and well accompanied. And I will never let anyone to erase the last phrase that Laura wrote minutes before dying: Thank you for this lesson of life.

Pseudònim: Kai


It’s the year 3050 everyone has revolutionise because they have created new technologies;  phones are transparens and tablets too. In this year there is a girl, this girl have an terrible diseases, his dad  always invent thing to help his daughter, and one time he invented a “chip”.

When  people put this chip in their head and touch the patient the people who has the chip feels what the patient feels. Doctors used it as well. They Are able to find the cure to diseases,and  the dad felt all the pain his daughter felt. Two years after all the people of the world has this chip, doctors, kids, teenagers, adults, middle age people, old people, young people etc…

The dad finally found the cure for that terrible diseases finally the girl could be happy.

And all the people that had a diseases could be happy.

Pseudònim: AL


Here I am, standing next to this traffic light post. Yeah, I think it’s a great choice, this is the perfect place, from here my friends will be able to watch me all the time.

After two years the moment has finally arrived.

Damn it! Is that my phone? Why are they calling me now? Cancel, cancel, cancel. Come on Alex, stay calmed. Enjoy the moment. Breathe deeply. Have fun. Oh no! Where are they? That’s the last thing I needed. I don’t want to feel alone in this crucial moment. Well, I guess I have no choice. I’ll wait here.

-Hi Alex! It’s nice to finally get to meet you face to face.

He was even better than I had imagined.

Pseudònim: Tress