It was a rainy day when Tom realized that he had to go to Uluru the next week. Uluru was a place where he decided to meet with a very special person years ago. When he was younger, he went to Australia every year because his family was from there, so every summer he went to visit his family that lived on a village near Australia.

It all began when he went to the village for the second time and he met a pretty girl called Charlotte. She was fifteen, one year younger than him. When he saw her, he was speechless. He looked for a few minutes at his blond hair and his blue eyes. When she realized he was looking at her, she asked him his name. This is where their  friendship began, during the following summers he met her every day. After five years, his grandparents moved to London and they stopped seeing each other but they agreed that in 10 years they would meet again in Uluru, one of the most beautiful places in Australia.

When the day arrived he decided to go there to see if she remembered too. He was unbelievably nervous. When he saw her in the distance, he recognized her even though they hadn’t seen each other for 10 years. Without saying anything, they kissed passionately.

Pseudònim: Lazarillo

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